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Do Ruke Partaal Karna : دو رُخی پَڑتال کَرنا

1. Cross-Check : دو رخی پڑتال کرنا : (verb) check out conflicting sources; crosscheck facts, for example.

Jaanch Partaal ..., Jaanch : Check : the act of inspecting or verifying. "They made a check of their equipment"

Mashq Karna : Example : a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding. "You must work the examples at the end of each chapter in the textbook"

Pabandi, Ruk : Check : the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess. "His common sense is a bridle to his quick temper"

Rakhna, Rukawat : Check : something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress. "Inflaion is a tremendous hinderance to a robust economic recovery"

Jaanch Partaal, Jaanch : Check : an appraisal of the state of affairs. "They made an assay of the contents"