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دو یا تین دستوں پر مشتمل بڑا فوجی دستہ : Do Ya Teen Dastoun Par Mushtaml Bara Fauji Dasta Meaning in English

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Do Ya Teen Dastoun Par Mushtaml Bara Fauji Dasta in Detail

1) دو یا تین دستوں پر مشتمل بڑا فوجی دستہ : Company : (noun) small military unit; usually two or three platoons.

Related : War Machine : the military forces of a nation. Battalion : an army unit usually consisting of a headquarters and three or more companies. Platoon : a military unit that is a subdivision of a company; usually has a headquarters and two or more squads; usually commanded by a lieutenant.

Useful Words

گاڑی کی کمپنی : Auto Company, Car Company : a company that makes and sells automobiles. "A new car company".

بینک : Bank, Banking Company, Banking Concern, Depository Financial Institution : a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities. "What time do banks open?".

تجارتی ادارہ : Company : an institution created to conduct business. "Company`s new MD appointed".

وفادار ملازم : Company Man : an employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers.

کمپنی کا نام : Company Name : the name by which a corporation is identified.

کمپنی کا ملازم : Company Operator : an operator who works for a company.

کمپنی کا مالک : Company Owner : a person who is owner or manager of company. "She is chemical company owner".

ملازمین کی تنظیم : Company Union : a union of workers for a single company; a union not affiliated with a larger union.

فرنیچر کی کمپنی : Furniture Company : a company that sells furniture. "He works in furniture company".

اسٹاک کا کاروبار کرنے والی کمپنی : Holding Company : a company with controlling shares in other companies. "An offshore holding company".

بیمہ کرنے والا : Insurance Company, Insurance Firm, Insurance Underwriter, Insurer, Underwriter : a financial institution that sells insurance.

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