Docent Doc Dobbin Doable Do-Si-Do Do-Nothing Do-It-Yourself Do-Gooder Docile Dock Dock Worker Dock-Walloper Docker Docket Dockhand Dockworker Doctor Doctor Of Denta... Doctor Of Educa... Doctor Of Music

Docile   Meaning in Urdu

Docile pupils eager for instruction.

1. Docile - Teachable : تعلیم پذیر - پڑھائے جانے کے قابل : ready and willing to be taught.

Docile pupils eager for instruction.

Manipulable, Tractable - easily managed (controlled or taught or molded).

Related Words

Bob - Bobtail - Dock : چھوٹی دم : a short or shortened tail of certain animals.

Dock : عدالت میں ملزم کے بیٹھنے کی جگہ : an enclosure in a court of law where the defendant sits during the trial.

Docile in Book Titles

The Docile Puerto Rican: Essays.
Nubile and Docile: The Complete Series.

Useful Words

Fix - Gear Up - Prepare - Ready - Set - Set Up : تیار کرنا : make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc. "Iftar ready"

Willing : چاہنے والا : disposed or inclined toward. "A willing participant"

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