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1) Docudrama, Documentary, Documentary Film, Infotainment : حقیقیت پر مبنی فلم : (noun) a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event.

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Certification : توثیق , Feature : کی فلم , Director : ہدایت کار , Character : خیالی کردار , Cinematise : فلم بنانا , Circumstance : حالات , Commissary : فلم اسٹوڈیو کی وہ جگہ جہاں ہلکا پھلکا کھانے ملتا ہو , Filmdom : فلمی صنعت میں کام کرنے والا عملہ , Narrate : تفصیل سنانا , Film : تصویر کھینچنا , Photograph : عکس بند ہونا , Roll Film : فلم رول , Shocker : سنسنی خیز کہانی , Hollywood : امریکی فلم انڈسٹری , Movie Actor : فلم میں کردار ادا کرنے والا فنکار , Underexposure : فلم کو ناکافی روشنی پہنچانا , Home Movie : گھریلو فلم , Newsreel : خبروں کی فلم , Baddie : فلمی غنڈا , Bunuel : ہسپانوی فلم ساز , Scum : گندگی کی تہ , Starlet : نئی ابھرتی ھوئی نوخیز اداکارہ , Natalie Wood : امریکی فلم اداکارہ , Coated : تہ چڑھا , Bobbin : پھرکی , Oil Slick : تیل کی سطح کی باریک تہ , Release : بازار میں پیش کرنے کا عمل , Splice : جوڑنا , Screenplay : ڈرامائی پیش کش , Musical : مزاحیہ موسیقی , Adsorption : جازبیت

Useful Words Definitions

Certification: confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence.

Feature: the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater.

Director: the person who directs the making of a film.

Character: an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story).

Cinematise: make a film of or adopt so as to make into a film.

Circumstance: the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event.

Commissary: a snack bar in a film studio.

Filmdom: the personnel of the film industry.

Narrate: provide commentary for a film, for example.

Film: make a film or photograph of something.

Photograph: record on photographic film.

Roll Film: photographic film wound on a spool.

Shocker: a sensational message (in a film or play or novel).

Hollywood: the film industry of the United States.

Movie Actor: an actor who plays a role in a film.

Underexposure: the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time.

Home Movie: a film made at home by an amateur photographer.

Newsreel: a short film and commentary about current events.

Baddie: the principal bad character in a film or work of fiction.

Bunuel: Spanish film director (1900-1983).

Scum: a film of impurities or vegetation that can form on the surface of a liquid.

Starlet: a young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star.

Natalie Wood: United States film actress (1938-1981).

Coated: having a coating; covered with an outer layer or film; often used in combination.

Bobbin: a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound.

Oil Slick: a thin film of oil floating on top of water (especially crude oil spilled from a ship).

Release: merchandise issued for sale or public showing (especially a record or film).

Splice: a junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together.

Screenplay: a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets.

Musical: a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.

Adsorption: the accumulation of molecules of a gas to form a thin film on the surface of a solid.

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