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Dollarfish meaning in Urdu

Dollarfish Synonyms

Dollarfish in Detail

1) Dollarfish, Atlantic Moonfish, Horse-Head, Horsefish, Horsehead, Moonfish, Selene Setapinnis : چندا مچھلی : (noun) any of several silvery marine fishes with very flat bodies.

Useful Words

Any : کوئی : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

Body, Organic Structure, Physical Structure : جسم : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire".

Bland, Flat : بے تکا : lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting. "It`s a bland little film".

Marine : بحری فوجی : a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land.

Several : کئی : (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many. "After being suspended from a notorious political organization he survived several murder attempts".

Silvern, Silvery : چاندی جیسا : resembling or reminiscent of silver. "A soft silvern voice".

Rattling, Real, Really, Very : بہت زیادہ : used as intensifiers; `real` is sometimes used informally for `really`; `rattling` is informal. "He played a very well game".

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