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Domineeringness meaning in Urdu

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1) Domineeringness, Imperiousness, Overbearingness : غالبیت, جبریت, غرور : (noun) the trait of being imperious and overbearing.

Related : Lordliness : overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors.

Useful Words

Condescension, Disdainfulness, Superciliousness : تکبر : the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior.

Imperiously : تحکمانہ طور پر : in an imperious manner. "Imperiously he cut her short".

Puff Up, Swell : فخر یا غصے سے بھر جانا : become filled with pride, arrogance, or anger. "The mother was swelling with importance when she spoke of her son".

Dignitary, High Muckamuck, High-Up, Panjandrum, Very Important Person, Vip : بہت اہم شخصیت : an important or influential (and often overbearing) person. "Our VIP guests stay here".

Arrogance, Haughtiness, Hauteur, High-Handedness, Lordliness : غرور : overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors. "Shahid has been hanging out with sich girls ever since he came from abroad but has not been married yet because of his arrogance".

Arrogant, Chesty, Self-Important : مغرور : having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride. "She is an arrogant girl in my class".

Earnestness, Serious-Mindedness, Seriousness, Sincerity : سنجیدہ دماغی : the trait of being serious. "A lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness".

Firmness, Firmness Of Purpose, Resoluteness, Resolution, Resolve : ثابت قدمی : the trait of being resolute. "His resoluteness carried him through the battle".

Impishness, Mischievousness, Puckishness, Whimsicality : شرارت : the trait of behaving like an imp.

Amenability, Amenableness, Cooperativeness : تعاون کرنے کی خاصیت : the trait of being cooperative. "His amenability is surprising".

Adventurousness, Venturesomeness : جسارت : the trait of being adventurous.

Distrust, Distrustfulness, Mistrust : بے اعتمادی کرنا : the trait of not trusting others.

Communicativeness : بات پہنچانے کی خاصیت : the trait of being communicative.

Uncommunicativeness : خاموشی : the trait of being uncommunicative.

Recalcitrance, Recalcitrancy, Refractoriness, Unmanageableness : کٹر پن : the trait of being unmanageable.

Involuntariness, Unwillingness : ناخوشی : the trait of being unwilling. "His unwillingness to cooperate vetoed every proposal I made".

Frankness, Outspokenness : صاف گوئی : the trait of being blunt and outspoken.

Effeminacy, Effeminateness, Sissiness, Softness, Unmanliness, Womanishness : زنانہ پن : the trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man). "The students associated science with masculinity and arts with effeminacy".

Brutality, Ferociousness, Savagery, Viciousness : سفاکی : the trait of extreme cruelty.

Humorousness, Jocoseness, Jocosity, Merriness : مسخراپن : the trait of merry joking.

Compulsiveness, Compulsivity : مجبوری : the trait of acting compulsively.

Immodesty : مغرور ہونے کا خاصہ : the trait of being vain and conceited.

Sedateness, Solemness, Solemnity, Staidness : سنجیدگی : a trait of dignified seriousness.

Thriftlessness, Waste, Wastefulness : ضیاع : the trait of wasting resources. "A life characterized by thriftlessness and waste".

Moderation, Temperance : پرہیز : the trait of avoiding excesses.

Impenitence, Impenitency : ناپشیمانی : the trait of refusing to repent.

Cowardice, Cowardliness : بزدلی : the trait of lacking courage. "Cowardice is a sin".

Chariness, Wariness : ہوشیاری : the trait of being cautious and watchful.

Brashness : جلد بازی : the trait of being rash and hasty.

Extravagance, Prodigality, Profligacy : فضول خرچی : the trait of spending extravagantly. "What is this extravagance?".

Mulishness, Obstinacy, Obstinance, Stubbornness : اڑیل پن : the trait of being difficult to handle or overcome.

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