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Draft   Meaning in Urdu

1. Draft - Outline : خاکہ بنانا : (verb) draw up an outline or sketch for something.

Draft a speech.

Authorship, Composition, Penning, Writing - the act of creating written works.

2. Draft - Draught : ہوا کا گزرنا : (noun) a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle).

Updraft - a strong upward air current.

3. Draft - Rough Drawing : خاکہ : (noun) a preliminary sketch of a design or picture.

Sketch, Study - preliminary drawing for later elaboration.

4. Draft - Blueprint - Draught : نقشہ بنانا : (verb) make a blueprint of.

5. Draft - Draught - Potation - Tipple : شراب خوری : (noun) a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg.

They served beer on draft.

6. Draft - Draught : دوا - خوراک : (noun) a dose of liquid medicine.

He took a sleeping draft.

Dosage, Dose - a measured portion of medicine taken at any one time.

7. Draft - Conscription - Muster - Selective Service : جبری بھرتی - ضروری عسکری خدمت گزاری : (noun) compulsory military service.

Militarisation, Militarization, Mobilisation, Mobilization - act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency:.

9. Draft - Draught - Drawing : بوجھ کھینچنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling.

Pull, Pulling - the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you.

Useful Words

Air : ہوا : a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of. "Get fresh air"

Chimney : چمنی : a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.

Approach - Approaching - Coming : آمد : the temporal property of becoming nearer in time. "Let me know before coming"

Current - Electric Current : کرنٹ : a flow of electricity through a conductor. "The current was measured in amperes"

Draw - Get Out - Pull - Pull Out - Take Out : نکالنا : bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover. "Take out rest of the money"

Lineation - Outline : خط کشی : the line that appears to bound an object.

Room : کمرہ : an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling. "My room got changed or not?"

Sketch - Study : خاکہ : preliminary drawing for later elaboration. "He made several studies before starting to paint"

Something : کوئی چیز : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

Astir - Up : بستر سے اٹھنا : out of bed. "Are they astir yet?"

Commonly - Normally - Ordinarily - Unremarkably - Usually : عام طور پر : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

Vehicle : گاڑی : a conveyance that transports people or objects.

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