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دُمی : Dumi Meaning in English

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Dumi in Detail

1) Caudal : دمی : (adjective) constituting or relating to a tail.

Useful Words

دم : Tail : the posterior part of the body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body. "He turned his tail and ran"

جہاز کا عقبی حصہ : After Part, Poop, Quarter, Stern, Tail : the rear part of a ship.

پچھلی شرم گاہ : Arse, Ass, Backside, Behind, Bottom, Bum, Buns, Butt, Buttocks, Can, Derriere, Fanny, Fundament, Hind End, Hindquarters, Keister, Nates, Posterior, Prat, Rear, Rear End, Rump, Seat, Stern, Tail, Tail End, Tooshie, Tush : the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. "He deserves a good kick in the butt"

جاسوس : Shadow, Shadower, Tail : a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements.

جانور کی دم : Tail, Tail End : any projection that resembles the tail of an animal.

کسی جانور کی دم کاٹنا : Bob, Dock, Tail : remove or shorten the tail of an animal.

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