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دوسروں کے جنسی اعضاء کو دیکھ کر تسکین حاصل کرنے والا : Dusro Kay Jinsi Aaza Ko Dekh Kar Taskeen Hasil Karnay Wala Meaning in English

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Dusro Kay Jinsi Aaza Ko Dekh Kar Taskeen Hasil Karnay Wala in Detail

1) شہوانی نظر رکھنے والا دوسروں کے جنسی اعضاء کو دیکھ کر تسکین حاصل کرنے والا : Peeper Peeping Tom Voyeur : (noun) a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others.

Related : Witness : a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind).

Useful Words

چوں چوں کرنے والا جانور : Peeper : an animal that makes short high-pitched sounds.

دیکھنے والا : Browser : a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular. "He uses browser to read newspaper".

مست شرابی : Carouser, Wassailer : someone who enjoys riotous drinking.

کھیل میں حصہ لینے والا : Outdoor Man, Sporting Man : someone who enjoys outdoor activities.

پڑھنے والا : Reader : a person who enjoys reading.

وہ شخص جو پانی سے لطف پاتا ہو : Water Dog, Water Rat : a person who enjoys being in or on the water.

تاڑو : Ogler : a viewer who gives a flirtatious or lewd look at another person. "An ogler caught red handed".

گھور کر دیکھنے وال : Starer : a viewer who gazes fixedly (often with hostility).

جواری : Adventurer, Venturer : a person who enjoys taking risks.

جھگڑالو : Controversialist, Disputant, Eristic : a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy.

مسخرہ : Joker, Jokester : a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes.

منظر : Linear Perspective, Perspective : the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.

مکینک : Tinker, Tinkerer : a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts.

نائب : Aide, Auxiliary : someone who acts as assistant.

انتباہ : Caution, Caveat : a warning against certain acts. "A caveat for property".

فاسق : Sinful, Unholy, Wicked : having committed unrighteous acts. "You are sinful person".

اداکرنے والا : Actor, Doer, Worker : a person who acts and gets things done. "He`s a principal actor in this affair".

دلال : Go-Between, Intercessor, Intermediary, Intermediator, Mediator : a negotiator who acts as a link between parties.

مسخرہ : Second Banana, Straight Man : a performer who acts as stooge to a comedian.

لطیفہ گو : Humorist, Humourist : someone who acts speaks or writes in an amusing way.

تہذیب سوز : Vandalise, Vandalize : destroy wantonly, as through acts of vandalism. "Vandalize the park".

لڑائی : Belligerency, Hostilities : fighting; acts of overt warfare. "The outbreak of hostilities".

رکاوٹ : Clog : any object that acts as a hindrance or obstruction.

دستاویز حقیقت کی امانتی تحویل : Deeds, Works : performance of moral or religious acts. "Salvation by deeds".

فیاضی : Benevolence : an inclination to do kind or charitable acts.

قانونی مراعات و حمایت سے محروم : Lawlessness, Outlawry : illegality as a consequence of unlawful acts; defiance of the law.

تماشا : Music Hall, Vaudeville : a variety show with songs and comic acts etc.. "He attended vaudeville show in Karachi".

میلہ : Festival, Fete : an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place). "A drama festival".

حلقہ : Ambit, Compass, Orbit, Range, Reach, Scope : an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:. "The range of a supersonic jet".

خادم : Gentleman, Gentleman's Gentleman, Man, Valet, Valet De Chambre : a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer. "Jeeves was Bertie Wooster's man".

صلہ دینا : Payoff, Reward, Wages : a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing. "The wages of sin is death".

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