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1) Duty Assignment, Assignment : ذمے داری : (noun) a duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces).

Related : Duty : work that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons. Mission : a special assignment that is given to a person or group.

Useful Words

Assigning, Assignment : دینے کا عمل : the act of distributing something to designated places or persons. "The first task is the assignment of an address to each datum".

Custom, Customs, Customs Duty, Impost : محصول : money collected under a tariff.

Death Duty, Death Tax, Estate Tax, Inheritance Tax : محصول ورثہ : a tax on the estate of the deceased person.

Duty, Obligation, Responsibility : فرض : the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force. "We must instill a sense of duty in our children".

Duty Period, Shift, Work Shift : کام کرنے کا عرصہ : the time period during which you are at work.

Duty Tour, Enlistment, Hitch, Term Of Enlistment, Tour, Tour Of Duty : فوجی سروس کی دور : a period of time spent in military service. "It took place during his 18 years of tour of duty in Korea".

Heavy-Duty : بھاری : designed for heavy work. "A heavy-duty detergent".

Tonnage, Tonnage Duty, Tunnage : جہاز کے وزن کے حساب سے لگایا جانے والا محصول : a tax imposed on ships that enter the US; based on the tonnage of the ship.

Writing Assignment, Written Assignment : لکھنے کی ذمے داری دینے کا عمل : an assignment to write something.

No-Show, Nonattender, Truant : کام چور : someone who shirks duty.

Trick : دور : a period of work or duty.

Exemption, Freedom : آزادی : immunity from an obligation or duty. "Exemption certificate".

Loyal : وفادار : steadfast in allegiance or duty. "Loyal subjects".

Supererogation : فرائض کے تقاضوں سے بڑھ کر کارکردگی : an effort above and beyond the call of duty.

Imperative : لازمی : some duty that is essential and urgent.

Assigned : مقًرر کردہ : appointed to a post or duty. "Assigned personnel".

Lay : کسی پر سزا کے طور پر نافذ کرنا : impose as a duty, burden, or punishment. "Lay a responsibility on someone".

Dutifully : فرمانبرداری سے : out of a sense of duty; in a dutiful manner. "He dutifully visited his mother every Sunday".

Unfaithful : بے وفا : not true to duty or obligation or promises. "He is not unfaithful".

Dutifulness : فرض شناسی : piety by virtue of devotion to duty.

Incumbent : لازمی : necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility; morally binding. "It is incumbent on them to pay their own debts".

Call Up : فوجی بلاوہ : an order to report for military duty.

Appoint, Charge : مقرر ہونا : assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to. "He was appointed deputy manager".

Muster : فوجی دستوں کا ایک جگہ جمع ہونا : a gathering of military personnel for duty. "He was thrown in the brig for missing muster".

Disloyal : غدار : deserting your allegiance or duty to leader or cause or principle. "Disloyal aides revealed his indiscretions to the papers".

Duteous, Dutiful : فرمانبردار : willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect. "She was dutiful".

Convener : مجلس بلانے والا شخص : the member of a group whose duty it is to convene meetings.

Undutifulness : نافرمانی : impiety characterized by lack of devotion to duty.

Evildoing, Transgression : حکم عدولی : the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle. "He was punished for the transgressions of his father".

Malingerer, Shammer, Skulker : بیماری کا بہانہ کرنے والا : someone shirking their duty by feigning illness or incapacity.

Officiation : انجام دہی : the performance of a religious or ceremonial or public duty.

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