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1. Eagerness, Avidity, Avidness, Keenness : تمنا - آرزومندی : (Noun) A positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something.

Enthusiasm - a feeling of excitement.

2. Eagerness, Forwardness, Readiness, Zeal : آمادگی - رجحان : (Noun) Prompt willingness.

Readiness to continue discussions.
They showed no eagerness to spread the gospel.+ More

Willingness - cheerful compliance.

Ahead, Before, In Front - سامنے - at or in the front; "I am just in front of you".

Feeling - احساس - the experiencing of affective and emotional states; "It`s a matter of feeling".

Confident, Convinced, Positive - قائل ہونا - persuaded of; very sure; "I have convinced him".

Inspire, Instigate, Prompt - آمادہ کرنا - serve as the inciting cause of; "She prompted me to call my relatives".

Push, Pushing - دھکیلنا - the act of applying force in order to move something away; "Get the car pushed".

Something - کچھ - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

Deficient, Lacking, Wanting - کم - inadequate in amount or degree; "a deficient education".

Willingness - رضا مندی - cheerful compliance; "he expressed his willingness to help".

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