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ابتدائیت : Ebitdaiyat Meaning in English

Ebitdaiyat in Detail

1) ابتدائیت جلدی : Earliness : (noun) quality of coming early or earlier in time.


Useful Words

جلدی : Earlier , پاس آنا : Approach , ملاقات : Coming Together , عمدہ : Choice , آمد : Advent , ملاپ : Coming Together , قابلیت : Quality , اعلی : High-Grade , حضرت عیسی کی آمد : Advent , مستحق ہونا : Have It Coming , خوبی : Character , آنے والا : Approaching , معیار : Caliber , آمد : Approach , معیار : Quality , مادریت : Maternal Quality , حاضری : Appearance , واپس آنا : Coming Back , اعلی معیار کا : High Quality , ضبط معیار : Quality Control , کم عمر : Early , دوسروں سے پہلے پہنچنے والا : Early Bird , ابتدائی مرحلہ : Early Days , کمسنی : Babyhood , ظہر کی نماز : Early Afternoon Prayer , وقفہ لینا : Take Off , کم وقت میں : In No Time , بار بار : Again And Again , کبھی : At One Time , ایک دفعہ : In One Case , گھڑی کا وقت : Hour

Useful Words Definitions

Earlier: comparatives of `soon' or `early'.

Approach: the act of drawing spatially closer to something.

Coming Together: the social act of assembling for some common purpose.

Choice: of superior grade.

Advent: arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous).

Coming Together: the act of joining together as one.

Quality: high social status.

High-Grade: surpassing in quality.

Advent: (Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment.

Have It Coming: deserve (either good or bad).

Character: a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.

Approaching: of the relatively near future.

Caliber: a degree or grade of excellence or worth.

Approach: the temporal property of becoming nearer in time.

Quality: an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone.

Maternal Quality: the quality of having or showing the tenderness and warmth and affection of or befitting a mother.

Appearance: formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action.

Coming Back: the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction.

High Quality: the quality of being superior.

Quality Control: maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods.

Early: very young.

Early Bird: a person who arrives early before others do.

Early Days: an early period of development.

Babyhood: the early stage of growth or development.

Early Afternoon Prayer: Zuhar prayer.

Take Off: take time off from work; stop working temporarily.

In No Time: in a relatively short time.

Again And Again: repeatedly.

At One Time: at a previous time.

In One Case: on one occasion.

Hour: clock time.

Related Words

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