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Educate   Meaning in Urdu

1. Educate : تعلیم دینا : (verb) give an education to.

We must educate our youngsters better.

Ameliorate, Amend, Better, Improve, Meliorate - to make better.

2. Educate - Develop - Prepare - Train : تربیت کرنا - تربیت دینا : (verb) create by training and teaching.

Prepare, Train - undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession.

3. Educate - Civilise - Civilize - Cultivate - School - Train : اصلاح کرنا - مہذب بنانا : (verb) teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment.

Down, Fine-Tune, Polish, Refine - improve or perfect by pruning or polishing.

Educate in Book Titles

Educate your dog.
Parents, the state, and the right to educate.
How to Educate Human Beings.

Useful Words

Create - Make : پیدا کرنا : make or cause to be or to become. "Make a mess in one's office"

Didactics - Education - Educational Activity - Instruction - Pedagogy - Teaching : تعلیم : the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill. "What about your education?"

Afford - Give - Yield : دینا : be the cause or source of. "Who do I give?"

Instruction - Pedagogy - Teaching : تعلیم : the profession of a teacher. "He prepared for teaching while still in college"

Grooming - Preparation - Training : تربیت : activity leading to skilled behavior. "They are grooming"

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