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Effected meaning in Urdu

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1) Effected, Accomplished, Established : مسلمہ : (satellite adjective) settled securely and unconditionally.


Useful Words

Hydraulic : پانی اور تیل کے استعمال سے چلنے والا , Unsettled : غیر مستحکم , Unconfirmed : غیر مستحکم , Root : پر سکون ہو جانا , Embed : جمانا , Entrench : حفاظت کے لئے مورچہ بند ہونا , Steady : ا چھی طرح جما ھوا , Instrument : آلہ , Collaborative : مشترکہ , Attainable : قابل حصول , Quick : تیز , Drain : نکال لینا , About : تقریباً , Plan : منصوبہ , Relocated : نئی جگہ مقیم ہونا , Conclusiveness : قطعیت , Resolvable : جسے طے کیا جا سکے , Place Down : کسی مناسب جگہ پر رکھنا , Issue : معاملہ , Closure : تصفیہ , Pacificism : بات چیت سے مسئلہ حل کرنے کا یقین , Frontier : سرحد , Conciliation : مصالحت , Serb : سرویائی , African Hunting Dog : افریقی شکاری کتا , Saga : رزمیہ داستان , Habit : عادت , Attested : مصدقہ , Relocate : نئی جگہ نقل مکانی کرنا , Locate : بسنا , Bounded : محدود

Useful Words Definitions

Hydraulic: moved or operated or effected by liquid (water or oil).

Unsettled: not settled or established.

Unconfirmed: not finally established or settled.

Root: become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style.

Embed: fix or set securely or deeply.

Entrench: fix firmly or securely.

Steady: securely in position; not shaky.

Instrument: the means whereby some act is accomplished.

Collaborative: accomplished by collaboration.

Attainable: capable of being attained or accomplished.

Quick: accomplished rapidly and without delay.

Drain: emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it.

About: (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but.

Plan: a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished.

Relocated: settled in a new location.

Conclusiveness: the quality of being final or definitely settled.

Resolvable: capable of being settled or resolved.

Place Down: cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place.

Issue: an important question that is in dispute and must be settled.

Closure: something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making.

Pacificism: the belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration.

Frontier: a wilderness at the edge of a settled area of a country.

Conciliation: any of various forms of mediation whereby disputes may be settled short of arbitration.

Serb: a member of a Slavic people who settled in Serbia and neighboring areas in the 6th and 7th centuries.

African Hunting Dog: a powerful doglike mammal of southern and eastern Africa that hunts in large packs; now rare in settled area.

Saga: a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account.

Habit: an established custom.

Attested: established as genuine.

Relocate: become established in a new location.

Locate: take up residence and become established.

Bounded: having the limits or boundaries established.