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ایک دفعہ : Ek Dafa Meaning in English

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Ek Dafa in Detail

1) In One Case : ایک دفعہ : (adverb) on one occasion.

English Synonym(s) : Once One Time

Urdu Synonym(s) : ایک بار

Useful Words

ایک : One : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

موقع : Juncture, Occasion : an event that occurs at a critical time. "Prime Minister said on the occasion that he will provide one crore jobs"

وجہ : Occasion : reason. "There was no occasion for complaint"

ایک : 1, Ace, I, One, Single, Unity : the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number. "He has the one but will need a two and three to go with it"

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