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ایک ہزار : Ek Hazar Meaning in English

Ek Hazar Sentences


Ek Hazar in Detail

1) ایک ہزار : 1000 K M One Thousand Thousand : (satellite adjective) denoting a quantity consisting of 1,000 items or units.

Useful Words

بیس : 20 , درجن : 12 , پانچ سو : 500 , چھ : 6 , نو : 9 , دو قسم کے عدد : Compound Number , عدد : Figure , توانائی : Energy , جوڑے دار : Binary , بارش کا نزول ناپنے والا آلہ : Pluviometer , ٹھوس : Massive , مناسب تعداد : Enough , ایک ہزار سال کا عرصہ : Millenary , مخفی : Confidential , ڈہول کی تھاپ : Bass , مشرقی : Oriental , ایک ہزار کا ایک کلو وولٹ : Kilowatt , مغربی : Hesperian , بے جان چیزوں کے لئے استعمال ہونا : Inanimate , میٹر کا ایک کلومیٹر : Kilometer , تہذیبی : Cultural , جوڑا : Brace , کلیدی شئے : Agenda Item , اشیا کی فہرست بنانے کا عمل : Itemisation , فہرست میں ڈالنا : Itemise , تجارتی سامان کی فہرست : Inventory , بہترین چیزوں کی فہرست : Hit Parade , تبدیل کرنا : Exchange , رقم لینا : Check Out , فہرست دیکھ کر منگوایا گیا کھانا : A La Carte , لاگت شماری : Cost Accounting

Useful Words Definitions

20: denoting a quantity consisting of 20 items or units.

12: denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units.

500: denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units.

6: denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units.

9: denoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten.

Compound Number: a quantity expressed in two different units.

Figure: the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals.

Energy: (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs.

Binary: consisting of two (units or components or elements or terms).

Pluviometer: gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation.

Massive: consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter.

Enough: an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose.

Millenary: a span of 1000 years.

Confidential: denoting confidence or intimacy.

Bass: having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range.

Oriental: denoting or characteristic of countries of Asia.

Kilowatt: a unit of power equal to 1000 watts.

Hesperian: denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere.

Inanimate: belonging to the class of nouns denoting nonliving things.

Kilometer: a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles).

Cultural: denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people.

Brace: two items of the same kind.

Agenda Item: one of the items to be considered.

Itemisation: the act of making a list of items.

Itemise: place on a list of items.

Inventory: a detailed list of all the items in stock.

Hit Parade: a collection of the best or most popular people or items of a given kind.

Exchange: put in the place of another; switch seemingly equivalent items.

Check Out: record, add up, and receive payment for items purchased.

A La Carte: by ordering items listed individually on a menu.

Cost Accounting: keeping account of the costs of items in production.

Close Words

ایک مائع جو جلد کی احتیاط کے لئے استعمال ہوتا ہے : Face Wash , ایک پرندہ : Dove , ایک ساتھ دبانا : Compact , ایک دن پہلے : Eve , ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانا : Move , ایک دوسرے سے ٹکرانا : Clash , ایک ہزار ارب : Trillion , ایک قسم کا بڑا چھنی نما چمچہ : Skimmer , ایک وقت میں پانچ بچے پیدا ہونا : Quin , اکٹھے : Together , ایک کارٹون : Popeye The Sailor Man

Close Words Definitions

Face Wash: liquid for careing skin.

Dove: any of numerous small pigeons.

Compact: squeeze or press together.

Eve: the day before.

Move: change residence, affiliation, or place of employment.

Clash: crash together with violent impact.

Trillion: one million million in the United States.

Skimmer: a cooking utensil used to skim fat from the surface of liquids.

Quin: one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy.

Together: in each other`s company.

Popeye The Sailor Man: a very famous cartoon characte, The character first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929.

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