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ایک کِلو : Ek Kalo Meaning in English

Ek Kalo in Detail

1) ایک کلو : Kg Kilo Kilogram : (noun) one thousand grams; the basic unit of mass adopted under the Systeme International d`Unites.


Useful Words

اختیاری : Adopted : acquired as your own by free choice. "My adopted state".

بنیادی : Basic : pertaining to or constituting a base or basis. "A basic fact".

پانچ سو : 500 : denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units.

وزن : G : a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram. "1000 gram is eqal to 1 kg".

بین الاقوامی : International : concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations. "International affairs".

مجموعی : Aggregate : formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole. "Aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year".

ایک : 1 : used of a single unit or thing; not two or more. "`ane` is Scottish".

ہزار : 1000 : the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100.

نیچے کی شے : Nether : located below or beneath something else. "We are one under the shadow of this flag".

اکائی : Unit : any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange. "The dollar is the United States unit of currency".

متحد کرنا : Merge : become one. "Islam will dominate the world the day Muslims unite".

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