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Elegance meaning in Urdu

Elegance Sentence

She conveys an aura of elegance and gentility.

Elegance Definitions

1) Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی : (noun) a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste.


Useful Words

Tastefulness : مزیدار , Fashionable : ڈھنگ کا , Dowdiness : بھدا پن , Homely : سادہ , Chic : فیشن والا , Eclat : شان و شوکت , Elegantly : شائستگی سے , Grace : حسین انداز , Urbanity : شائستگی , Dandified : چھبیلا , Manginess : کھجلی کی حالت , Delicacy : عمدہ ذائقہ , Bon Vivant : شان و شوکت سے رہنے والا , Preciosity : نفاست پسندی , Ungracious : ناخوشگوار , Tasteful : ذائقہ میں اچھا , Aesthetic : حسین , Indelicate : غیر شائستہ , Indecorous : نامعقول , Decorous : معقول , Unprintable : ناقابل اشاعت , Choiceness : خوبی , Honor : غیرت , Excellent : عمدہ , Beauteousness : خوبصورتی , Serviceability : خدمت کی اہلیت , Healthfulness : تندرستی , Wholesomeness : سود مندی , Solid : معیاری , Glossy : عمدہ کاغذ والا , Immorality : غیر اخلاقی

Useful Words Definitions

Tastefulness: elegance indicated by good taste.

Fashionable: having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress.

Dowdiness: having a drab or dowdy quality; lacking stylishness or elegance.

Homely: without artificial refinement or elegance.

Chic: elegance by virtue of being fashionable.

Eclat: ceremonial elegance and splendor.

Elegantly: with elegance; in a tastefully elegant manner.

Grace: elegance and beauty of movement or expression.

Urbanity: polished courtesy; elegance of manner.

Dandified: affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner.

Manginess: a lack of elegance as a consequence of wearing threadbare or dirty clothing.

Delicacy: refined taste; tact.

Bon Vivant: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

Preciosity: the quality of being fastidious or excessively refined.

Ungracious: lacking charm and good taste.

Tasteful: having or showing or conforming to good taste.

Aesthetic: concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste.

Indelicate: in violation of good taste even verging on the indecent.

Indecorous: lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct.

Decorous: characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct.

Unprintable: unfit for print because morally or legally objectionable or offensive to good taste.

Choiceness: the quality of being very good indeed.

Honor: the quality of being honorable and having a good name.

Excellent: very good;of the highest quality.

Beauteousness: the quality of being good looking and attractive.

Serviceability: the quality of being able to provide good service.

Healthfulness: the quality of promoting good health.

Wholesomeness: the quality of being beneficial and generally good for you.

Solid: of good quality and condition; solidly built.

Glossy: a magazine printed on good quality paper.

Immorality: the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.

Related Words

Quality : معیار , Daintiness : نفاست , Brilliance : عمدگی