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1. Emotional : جذباتی : (Adjective) Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.

Don`t be emotional.
Why do you get emotional?+ More

2. Emotional, Aroused, Excited, Worked Up : جذباتی - جذباتی انسان : (of persons) excessively affected by emotion.

He would become emotional over nothing at all.
She was worked up about all the noise.+ More

Agitated - troubled emotionally and usually deeply.

Actuated - متحرک ہونا - moved to action; "a man actuated by unworthy desired".

Affected - زیراثر - acted upon; influenced.

Determined - ثابت قدم - characterized by great determination; "a struggle against a determined enemy".

Emotion - جذبات - any strong feeling; "I respect your emotions".

Excessively, Overly, To A Fault, Too - حد سے زیادہ - to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits; "You are not talking too much".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - شخص - a human being; "The person who I told you about".

Kind Of, Kinda, Rather, Sort Of - تھوڑا - to some (great or small) extent; "It`s kinda hard to say".

Cause, Grounds, Reason - جواز - a justification for something existing or happening; "he had no cause to complain".

Than - سے - Used for comparison; "She is a better than I".

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