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Endearing meaning in Urdu

Endearing Synonyms

Endearing Definitions

1) Endearing, Adorable, Lovely : قابل تعریف : (satellite adjective) lovable especially in a childlike or naive way.


Useful Words

Caress : پیار سے چھونا , Winsome : دلکش , Adorably : قابل ستائش انداز میں , Endear : پیارا بنانا , Childishly : طفلانہ طور سے , Winsomeness : دلکشی , Childlike : معصومیت , Naively : سادگی سے , Fleeceable : بھولا , Conjuration : شعبدہ بازی , Childlike : بچے کی طرح , Especially : خاص طور پر , Lovable : پیار کے قابل , Naif : بھولا بھالا , Way : رستہ

Useful Words Definitions

Caress: touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner.

Winsome: charming in a childlike or naive way.

Adorably: in an adorable manner.

Endear: make attractive or lovable.

Childishly: in a childlike manner.

Winsomeness: childlike charm or appeal.

Childlike: exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity.

Naively: in a naive manner.

Fleeceable: naive and easily deceived or tricked.

Conjuration: an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers.

Childlike: befitting a young child.

Especially: to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common.

Lovable: having characteristics that attract love or affection.

Naif: marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience.

Way: any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another.

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