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1) Ensue, Result : نتیجہ نکلنا, ظاہر ہونا : (verb) issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end.

Related : Turn Up : be shown or be found to be. Follow : come after in time, as a result.

Useful Words

Coma, Comatoseness : طویل بےہوشی : a state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness; usually the result of disease or injury.

Acapnia, Hypocapnia : خون میں کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ کی کمی : a state in which the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal; can result from deep or rapid breathing.

Malnutrition : ناقص غذائیت : a state of poor nutrition; can result from insufficient or excessive or unbalanced diet or from inability to absorb foods.

Do Away With, Eliminate, Extinguish, Get Rid Of : ختم کرنا : terminate, end, or take out. "Use mouthwash get rid of bad smell of mouth".

Ax, Axe : ختم کرنا : terminate. "The NSF axed the research program and stopped funding it".

Close Out : ختم کرنا : terminate. "We closed out our account".

Break, Interrupt : ختم کرنا : terminate. "She interrupted her pregnancy".

Abort : مکمل ہونے سے پہلے ختم کرنا : terminate before completion. "Abort the mission".

Drop : تنظیم سے خارج کرنا : terminate an association with. "Drop him from the Republican ticket".

Take Off : مہلک ثابت ہونا : prove fatal. "The disease took off".

Confute, Disprove : غلط ثابت کرنا : prove to be false. "You can`t disprove me".

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