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1. Ensure, Assure, Guarantee, Insure, Secure : یقینی بنانا : (Verb) Make certain of.

This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us.
Preparation will guarantee success!

2. Ensure, Ascertain, Assure, Check, Control, Insure, See, See To It : پتا لگانا - جانچنا : (Verb) Be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something.

He verified that the valves were closed.
See that the curtains are closed.+ More

Proof, Proofread - read for errors.

Careful - محتاط - exercising caution or showing care or attention; "Brother, be careful".

Certain - یقینی - established beyond doubt or question; definitely known; "what is certain is that every effect must have a cause".

Do, Doctor Of Osteopathy - ڈگری - doctor`s degree in osteopathy.

Make - بنانا - act in a certain way so as to acquire; "make friends".

Something - کچھ - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

ارے اس تکلّف کی کیا ضرورت تھی ؟