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What does this move entail?

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2. نتیجہ ہونا Nateeja Hona, نتیجہ نکلنا Nateeja Nikalna, اثر ہونا Asr Hona : Implicate, Entail : (verb) impose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result.

What does this move entail?

3. مخصوص ورثا کو جائیداد دینا Makhsoos Wersa Ko Jaidad Dena : Fee-Tail, Entail : (verb) limit the inheritance of property to a specific class of heirs.

Related : Will : leave or give by will after one`s death.

Entail in Book Titles

The Entail: Or, The Lairds of Grippy.
Entail (Scotland). A Bill to Amend the Law of Entail in Scotland.

Useful Words

Accompaniment - Attendant - Co-Occurrence - Concomitant : لازم و ملزوم Lazim O Malzom : an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another.

Consequence - Effect - Event - Issue - Outcome - Result - Upshot : اثر Asr : a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon. "The magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"

Consume - Have - Ingest - Take - Take In : استعمال کرنا Estamal Karna : serve oneself to, or consume regularly. "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"

Connote - Imply : اشارتاً کہنا Isharatan Kehna : express or state indirectly.

Logical : منطقی Mantaqi : capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning. "A logical mind"

Necessary : ضروری Zaruri : absolutely essential.

Final Result - Outcome - Result - Resultant - Termination : نتیجہ Nateeja : something that results. "A bad deed has a bad result"

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