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Environmental Science   Meaning in Urdu

1. Environmental Science - Bionomics - Ecology : ماحولیات کا مطالعہ : (noun) the branch of biology concerned with the relations between organisms and their environment.

Biological Science, Biology - the science that studies living organisms.

Related Words

Environment - Environs - Surround - Surroundings : ماحول : the area in which something exists or lives. "The country--the flat agricultural surround"

Conservationist - Environmentalist : قدرتی وسائل کا محافظ : someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution.

Useful Words

Between - Betwixt : درمیان : in the interval. "Dancing all the dances with little rest between"

Biological Science - Biology : حیاتیات : the science that studies living organisms. "They were talking about biological science"

Arm - Branch - Subdivision : شعبہ : a division of some larger or more complex organization. "A branch of Congress"

Concerned : فکرمند : feeling or showing worry or solicitude. "We are concerned"

Environment : آس پاس کا ماحول : the totality of surrounding conditions. "He longed for the comfortable environment of his living room"

Being - Organism : ہستی : a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

Relation : تعلق : an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together.