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اِستِخراج : Estakraj Meaning in English

Estakraj in Detail

1) استخراج : Extraction : (noun) the action of taking out something (especially using effort or force).


Useful Words

نکالنے کا عمل : Extraction , مقصد : Campaign , بےکار محنت : Waste Of Effort , فعل : Action , قانونی کارروائی : Action , بٹن : Action , وہ شخص جو کام پہلے کرے اور سوچے بعد میں : Man Of Action , خاص کام : Action , انعکاس : Inborn Reflex , ازالہ : Affirmative Action , شعاوں کی کارکردگی : Action Spectrum , فوری جواب : Action Replay , والٹیج کی تبدیلی : Action Potential , پورے زور شور سے جاری کام : In Full Action , منھ کے بل جھکا ہوا پودا : Action Plant , کام : Act , اکھاڑا : Arena , مدرسہ مصوری : Abstract Expressionism , خفیہ افسر : Action Officer , کلی کرنا : Eject , امریکی فضائیہ : Air Force , لاگو کرنا : Force , امریکی ایجنسی : Afisr , عہدے سے ہٹانا : Depose , زور : Force , برطرف کرنا : Can , قوت : Force , نکال باہر کرنا : Crowd Out , نافذ : Effect , باہر نکالنا : Evict , زبردستی : Force

Useful Words Definitions

Extraction: the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means.

Campaign: a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end.

Waste Of Effort: a useless effort.

Action: something done (usually as opposed to something said).

Action: a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong.

Action: the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism.

Man Of Action: someone inclined to act first and think later.

Action: the most important or interesting work or activity in a specific area or field.

Inborn Reflex: an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.

Affirmative Action: a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities.

Action Spectrum: the efficiency with which electromagnetic radiation produces a photochemical reaction plotted as a function of the wavelength of the radiation.

Action Replay: the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape.

Action Potential: the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted.

In Full Action: proceeding with full vigor.

Action Plant: prostrate or semi-erect subshrub of tropical America, and Australia; heavily armed with recurved thorns and having sensitive soft grey-green leaflets that fold and droop at night or when touched or cooled.

Act: something that people do or cause to happen.

Arena: a playing field where sports events take place.

Abstract Expressionism: a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions; the first important school of American painting to develop independently of European styles.

Action Officer: the case officer designated to perform an act during a clandestine operation (especially in a hostile area).

Eject: cause to come out in a squirt.

Air Force: the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

Force: impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably.

Afisr: an agency focused on ensuring that the United States military attains information superiority; operates worldwide ground sites and an array of airborne reconnaissance and surveillance platforms.

Depose: force to leave (an office).

Force: a powerful effect or influence.

Can: terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position.

Force: physical energy or intensity.

Crowd Out: press, force, or thrust out of a small space.

Effect: (of a law) having legal validity.

Evict: expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process.

Force: an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists).

Related Words

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