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Evanescent meaning in Urdu

Evanescent Sentence

Evanescent beauty.

Evanescent Definitions

1) Evanescent : غائب ہو جانے والا, جلد مٹ جانے والا : (satellite adjective) tending to vanish like vapor.


Useful Words

Evaporation : بخارات بنانے کا عمل , Steam : بخارات اٹھنا , Evaporate : بخارات بن جانا , Vaporific : بخارات نما , Transpire : بخارات خارج کرنا , Condense : منجمد کرنا , Blown : آندھی کی زد میں , Condenser : آلہٴ تکثیف , Haziness : دھندلاہٹ , Humid : گیلا , Carburetor : ایندھن کی بھاپ ہوا میں ملانے کا آلہ , Boil : ابالنا , Sun Lamp : چراغ شمسی , Rain : برسات , Vaporiser : بخارات بنانے والا , Emit : خارج کرنا , Boil : کھولنا , Inhalator : بھپارا لینے کا آلہ , Ameliorating : اصلاحی , Communicative : باتونی , Combinable : جوڑنے کے قابل , Convergent : ملنے والا , Ascensional : چڑھتا , Reformative : اصلاحی , Domineering : جبری , Suppressive : جابرانہ , Adhesive : چپکنے والا , Occlusive : بند کرنے والا , Promotive : بڑھانے والا , Prohibitive : امتناعی , Belittling : اظہار ناپسندیدگی سے متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Evaporation: the process of becoming a vapor.

Steam: rise as vapor.

Evaporate: cause to change into a vapor.

Vaporific: resembling or characteristic of vapor.

Transpire: exude water vapor.

Condense: cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid.

Blown: being moved or acted upon by moving air or vapor.

Condenser: an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid.

Haziness: cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor.

Humid: containing or characterized by a great deal of water vapor.

Carburetor: mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion.

Boil: come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor.

Sun Lamp: a mercury-vapor lamp used in medical or cosmetic treatments.

Rain: water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere.

Vaporiser: a device that puts out a substance in the form of a vapor (especially for medicinal inhalation).

Emit: give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc..

Boil: come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor, be in an agitated emotional state..

Inhalator: a dispenser that produces a chemical vapor to be inhaled in order to relieve nasal congestion.

Ameliorating: tending to ameliorate.

Communicative: able or tending to communicate.

Combinable: able to or tending to combine.

Convergent: tending to come together from different directions.

Ascensional: tending to rise.

Reformative: tending to reform.

Domineering: tending to domineer.

Suppressive: tending to suppress.

Adhesive: tending to adhere.

Occlusive: tending to occlude.

Promotive: tending to further or encourage.

Prohibitive: tending to discourage (especially of prices).

Belittling: tending to diminish or disparage.

Related Words

Impermanent : ناپائیدار

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