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Ever-Present meaning in Urdu

Ever-Present Sentence

Ever present power.

Ever-Present Definitions

1) Ever-Present : ہمیشہ حاضر ہونے والا : (satellite adjective) being always present.


Useful Words

Rehash : دہرانا , Bestow : عطا کرنا , Omnipresent : بیک وقت ہر جگہ موجود , Tomorrow : آج کے بعد آنے والا دن , Yet : ابھی , Ache : ترسنا , Shadow : سراغ , Away : غیر موجود , At Present : اس وقت , Inst : ماہ حال , Bidding : درخواست , Any Longer : اب , Absence : غیر حاضری , Now : اب , Offer : عبادت کرنا , Prox : آنے والا مہینہ , Today : آج , Actually : فی الوقت , Contemporaneity : آج کے دور کے مطابق , Latest : تازہ ترین , Here : اس جگہ , Contemporary World : آج کا دور , Bouquet : گل دستہ , Contemporary : آج کے دور کا , Debut : پہلی بار پیش کرنا , Accompany : ہمراہ , Offer : آگے رکھنا , Actual : موجودگی کی جگہ , Immediate : زمانہ حال , Argue : دلیل دینا , Recency : حالیہ

Useful Words Definitions

Rehash: present or use over, with no or few changes.

Bestow: present.

Omnipresent: being present everywhere at once.

Tomorrow: the next day, the day after, following the present day.

Yet: up to the present time.

Ache: have a desire for something or someone who is not present.

Shadow: an indication that something has been present.

Away: not present; having left.

At Present: at the present moment.

Inst: in or of the present month.

Bidding: a request to be present.

Any Longer: at the present or from now on; usually used with a negative.

Absence: failure to be present.

Now: the momentary present.

Offer: present as an act of worship.

Prox: in or of the next month after the present.

Today: the present time or age.

Actually: at the present moment.

Contemporaneity: the quality of being current or of the present.

Latest: up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date.

Here: the present location; this place.

Contemporary World: the circumstances and ideas of the present age.

Bouquet: an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present.

Contemporary: occurring to the present time.

Debut: present for the first time to the public.

Accompany: be present or associated with an event or entity.

Offer: present for acceptance or rejection.

Actual: being or existing at the present moment.

Immediate: of the present time and place.

Argue: present reasons and arguments.

Recency: a time immediately before the present.

Related Words

Present : موجود

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