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Exemption meaning in Urdu

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Exemption certificate.
Additional exemptions are allowed for each dependent.

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1 of 3) Exemption, Freedom : آزادی, استثنا : (noun) immunity from an obligation or duty.

Related : Unsusceptibility : the state of not being susceptible. Amnesty : a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment. Impunity : exemption from punishment or loss.

2 of 3) Exemption : چھوٹ : (noun) a deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.).

Additional exemptions are not allowed for each dependent.

Related : Tax Write-Off : a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated; reduces taxes by the percentage fixed for the taxpayer`s income bracket.

3 of 3) Exemption, Granting Immunity, Immunity : آزادی : (noun) an act exempting someone.

Related : Waiver : a formal written statement of relinquishment.

Useful Words

Acquired Immunity : جراثیم کے خلاف مدافعت : immunity to a particular disease that is not innate but has been acquired during life; immunity can be acquired by the development of antibodies after an attack of an infectious disease or by a pregnant mother passing antibodies through the placenta to a fetus or by vaccination.

Immunise, Immunize : محفوظ بنانا : law: grant immunity from prosecution.

Schick Test : خناق جانچ : a skin test for immunity to diphtheria.

Privilege : رعایت : a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all. "At the entrance, security didn`t give privilege anyone to enter the airport without a ticket".

Immunise, Immunize, Inoculate, Vaccinate : ٹیکا لگانا : perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation. "We vaccinate against scarlet fever".

Immune, Resistant : مدافعت والا : relating to or conferring immunity (to disease or infection).

Autonomy, Liberty : خود مختاری : immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence.

Active Immunity : فعال مدافعت : a form of acquired immunity in which the body produces its own antibodies against disease-causing antigens.

Skin Test : جلد کا ٹیسٹ : any test to determine immunity or sensitivity to a disease by introducing small amounts on or into the skin.

Appoint, Charge : مقرر ہونا : assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to. "He was appointed deputy manager".

Unfaithful : بے وفا : not true to duty or obligation or promises. "He is not unfaithful".

Exemption in Book Titles

In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office..

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