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Exfoliation   Meaning in Urdu

1. Exfoliation - Scale - Scurf : سر کی خشکی - سکری : (noun) a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin.

Bit, Chip, Flake, Fleck, Scrap - a small fragment of something broken off from the whole.

Useful Words

Dead : مردہ : people who are no longer living. "They buried the dead"

Flake - Snowflake : برف کا گولا : a crystal of snow.

Shed : چھجا : an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage.

Peel - Skin : چھلکا : the rind of a fruit or vegetable. "Remove the skin"

Come Up - Rise - Rise Up - Surface : نمودار ہونا : come to the surface.

Thin : باریک : of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section. "Thin wire"

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