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1) Exodontia, Exodontics : طب الاسنان کا شعبہ جو دانت نکالنے سے متعلق ہوتا ہے : (noun) the branch of dentistry dealing with extraction of teeth.

Useful Words

Branch, Ramify : شاخہ بندی کرنا : grow and send out branches or branch-like structures. "These plants ramify early and get to be very large".

Dealing, Dealings, Transaction : معاملہ : the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities). "I am not in dealing terms with her".

Dental Medicine, Dentistry, Odontology : طب الاسنان : the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth.

Extraction : نکالنے کا عمل : the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means.

Dentition, Teeth : دانت : the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal. "Dirty dog, I will break your teeth".

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