1. Extant : باقی - بچا ہوا : (Adjective) Still in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost.

Extant manuscripts.
Specimens of graphic art found among extant barbaric folk.

Existent, Existing - having existence or being or actuality.

Cosmos, Creation, Existence, Macrocosm, Universe, World - عالم - everything that exists anywhere; "Eid is being celebrated today in many countries".

Extinct, Nonextant - معدوم - no longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives; "an extinct species of fish".

Helpless, Lost - بے چارہ - unable to function; without help; "What happened to this lost woman ?".

Non, Not - نہیں - negation of a word or group of words; "Will not go like that".

Hush, Still, Stillness - سکوت - (poetic) tranquil silence; "the still of the night".

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