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Extent meaning in Urdu

Extent Sentences

To this extent.
The vast extent of the desert.

Extent Definitions

1 of 2) Extent : حد : (noun) the point or degree to which something extends.

The extent of the damage.
The full extent of the law.+ More


2 of 2) Extent : گنجائش, رقبہ : (noun) the distance or area or volume over which something extends.

An orchard of considerable extent.

Useful Words

Any : کوئی , Severe : نہایت شدید , More Or Less : کچھ کچھ , A Good Deal : بہت , Outstandingly : غیر معمولی طور پر , How : کتنا , Incompletely : نامکمل طور پر , Considerably : بہت , Commensurate : موافق , Such : اتنا , So : بہت , Fairly : مناسب طور پر , Goodish : بڑا , Even : اس سے بھی , Extreme : نہایت , Immensely : لامحدود طور پر , Especially : خاص طور پر , Extremely : نہایت , Boundless : بے حد , All : مکمل طور پر , Brobdingnagian : دیو ہیکل , Even : برابر , Enormous : بہت زیادہ , Full : پوری حد تک , Farther : مزید , More : زیادہ , Most : سب سے زیادہ , Considerable : بڑا , 401-K : چار سو ایک بیمہ , After A Fashion : تھوڑا بہت , Dimension : وسعت

Useful Words Definitions

Any: to any degree or extent.

Severe: very bad in degree or extent.

More Or Less: to a small degree or extent.

A Good Deal: to a very great degree or extent.

Outstandingly: to a remarkable degree or extent.

How: To what extent, amount, or degree.

Incompletely: not to a full degree or extent.

Considerably: to a great extent or degree.

Commensurate: corresponding in size or degree or extent.

Such: of so extreme a degree or extent.

So: to a very great extent or degree.

Fairly: to a moderately sufficient extent or degree.

Goodish: large in amount or extent or degree.

Even: to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons.

Extreme: of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity.

Immensely: to an exceedingly great extent or degree.

Especially: to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common.

Extremely: to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect.

Boundless: seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent.

All: to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole` is often used informally for `wholly`).

Brobdingnagian: unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope.

Even: equal in degree or extent or amount; or equally matched or balanced.

Enormous: extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree.

Full: to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form).

Farther: to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense).

More: (comparative of `much` used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree.

Most: the superlative of `much` that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the`; a quantifier meaning the greatest in amount or extent or degree.

Considerable: large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree.

401-K: a retirement savings plan that is funded by employee contributions and (often) matching contributions from the employer; contributions are made from your salary before taxes and the funds grow tax-free until they are withdrawn, at which point they can be converted into an IRA; funds can be transferred if you change employers and you can (to some extent) manage the investments yourself.

After A Fashion: to some extent; not very well.

Dimension: magnitude or extent.

Related Words

Magnitude : وسعت , Coverage : وسعت , Bound : حد , Ambit : حلقہ , Deepness : گہرائی

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