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Exterminate meaning in Urdu

Exterminate Sentence

Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals of Europe.

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Exterminate Definitions

1 of 2) Exterminate, Kill Off : ختم کرنا, مٹا دینا : (verb) kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many.

Useful Words

Annihilate : بڑی تعداد میں ہلاک کرنا , Massacre : انسانوں کا بڑی تعداد میں قتل , Extinguish : ہلاک کر دینا , K33l : مارنا , Overlay : اوپر لیٹ کر مار دینا , Hang : لٹکا کر مارنا , Saber : خمدار تلوار سے مارنا , Poison : ذہر دیکر مارنا , Shed Blood : قتل و غارت , Martyr : شہید , Commit Suicide : خود کشی کرنا , Strangle : گلا گھونٹ کر مارنا , Bump Off : قتل کرنا , Bag : شکار کرنا , Lapidate : پتھر برساکر مارنا , Electrocute : بجلی سے ہلاک کرنا , Bayonet : چھرا گہونپنا , Crucify : صلیب پر چڑھانا , Insect Powder : جراثیم کش دوا , Acaracide : جووں کو مارنے کی دوا , Butcher : ذبح کرنا , Electrocute : بجلی سے موت دینا , Impale : جسم میں تیز میخیں گاڑ کر مارنا , Pesticide : کیڑے مار دوا , Suicide Bomber : اپنے آپ کو بم سے اڑانے والا , Vaporize : بندوق سے مارنا , Pasteurise : گرمائش سے جراثیم کو مارنا , Chemical Operations : کیمیائی جنگ , Matador : بیل سے لڑنے والا , Herod : ہیرودیس , Antibiotic : جراثیم کش دوا

Useful Words Definitions

Annihilate: kill in large numbers.

Massacre: kill a large number of people indiscriminately.

Extinguish: put an end to; kill.

K33l: Kill .

Overlay: kill by lying on.

Hang: kill by hanging.

Saber: kill with a saber.

Poison: kill with poison.

Shed Blood: kill violently.

Martyr: kill as a martyr.

Commit Suicide: kill oneself.

Strangle: kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air.

Bump Off: kill intentionally and with premeditation.

Bag: capture or kill, as in hunting.

Lapidate: kill by throwing stones at.

Electrocute: kill by electric shock.

Bayonet: stab or kill someone with a bayonet.

Crucify: kill by nailing onto a cross.

Insect Powder: a chemical used to kill insects.

Acaracide: a chemical agent used to kill mites.

Butcher: kill (animals) usually for food consumption.

Electrocute: kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair.

Impale: kill by piercing with a spear or sharp pole.

Pesticide: a chemical used to kill pests (as rodents or insects).

Suicide Bomber: a terrorist who blows himself up in order to kill or injure other people.

Vaporize: kill with or as if with a burst of gunfire or electric current or as if by shooting.

Pasteurise: heat food in order to kill harmful microorganisms.

Chemical Operations: warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy.

Matador: the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull.

Herod: king of Judea who (according to the New Testament) tried to kill Jesus by ordering the death of all children under age two in Bethlehem (73-4 BC).

Antibiotic: a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that can kill microorganisms and cure bacterial infections.

Related Words

Kill : قتل کر نا , Destroy : تباہ کردینا

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