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External Respiration meaning in Urdu

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External Respiration Definitions

1) External Respiration, Breathing, Respiration, Ventilation : تنفس, سانس : (noun) the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation.

Useful Words

Cardiac Resuscitation : مصنوعی طریقے سے منہ سے منہ لگا کر سانس دینا , Breath : سانس , Inhalator : آلہ تنفس , Asphyxiate : دم گھٹنا , Polygraph : آلہ جو بیک وقت نبضوں کو ریکارڈ کرتا ہے , Acapnia : خون میں کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ کی کمی , Lung : پھیپڑا , Asphyxia : دم گھٹنا , Secernment : افراز , Elimination : جسم سے فضلے وغیرہ کے اخراج کا عمل , Afterdamp : دھماکے سے خارج ہونے والی , Reaction : رد عمل , Burning : آگ پکڑنے کی حالت , Accouchement : بچہ جننا , Tumefaction : سوجن , Recall : یاد آنا , Decarbonate : کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ سے محروم کرنا , Carbonate : کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ بھرنا , Aerated : ہوا دیا ہوا , Bubble : بلبہ , Carbonation : کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ بھرنے کا عمل , Carbonated Water : پانی اور کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ پر مشتمل سوڈا واٹر , Effervescent : جوش سے بھرا , Out : ظاہری , Asphyxiate : دم گہونٹنا , Asphyxiation : دم گھٹنے کا عمل , Scrotum : خصیوں کی تھیلی , Hypercapnia : خون میں کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ کی زیادتی , Ectoparasite : ایسا طفیلی پودا جو اپنے میزبان سے باہر رہ کر خوراک حاصل کرے , Self-Generated : اپنے آپ , Sovereignty : اقتدار اعلی

Useful Words Definitions

Cardiac Resuscitation: an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; the first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing; attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

Breath: the air that is inhaled and exhaled in respiration.

Inhalator: a breathing device for administering long-term artificial respiration.

Asphyxiate: impair the respiration of or obstruct the air passage of.

Polygraph: a medical instrument that records several physiological processes simultaneously (e.g., pulse rate and blood pressure and respiration and perspiration).

Acapnia: a state in which the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal; can result from deep or rapid breathing.

Lung: either of two saclike respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates; serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood.

Asphyxia: a condition in which insufficient or no oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged on a ventilatory basis; caused by choking or drowning or electric shock or poison gas.

Secernment: the organic process of synthesizing and releasing some substance.

Elimination: the bodily process of discharging waste matter.

Afterdamp: a toxic mixture of gases (including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and nitrogen) after an explosion of firedamp in a mine.

Reaction: a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some antecedent stimulus or agent.

Burning: a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.

Accouchement: the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child.

Tumefaction: the process of tumefying; the organic process whereby tissue becomes swollen by the accumulation of fluid within it.

Recall: the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort).

Decarbonate: remove carbon dioxide from.

Carbonate: treat with carbon dioxide.

Aerated: supplied with carbon dioxide.

Bubble: a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide).

Carbonation: saturation with carbon dioxide (as soda water).

Carbonated Water: effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide.

Effervescent: used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide.

Out: outside or external.

Asphyxiate: deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing.

Asphyxiation: the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped).

Scrotum: the external pouch that contains the testes.

Hypercapnia: the physical condition of having the presence of an abnormally high level of carbon dioxide in the circulating blood.

Ectoparasite: any external parasitic organism (as fleas).

Self-Generated: happening or arising without apparent external cause.

Sovereignty: government free from external control.

Related Words

Abdominal Breathing : پیٹ سے سانس لینا , Hyperventilation : ہائیپرینیا , Breathing Out : سانس باہر نکالنا

Close Words

External : بیرونی , External Auditory Canal : کان کی نالی , External Body Part : جسم کا باہر والا حصہ , Abdominal External Oblique Muscle : پیٹ کا پٹھہ , Externalise : ٹہوس شکل میں پیش کرنا

Close Words Definitions

External: outward features.

External Auditory Canal: either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane.

External Body Part: any body part visible externally.

Abdominal External Oblique Muscle: a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso.

Externalise: make external or objective, or give reality to.

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