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Face Moisturizer Meaning in Urdu

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1. Face Moisturizer : چہرا نم کرنے والا : (noun) a cream or lotion which is used to moisture to the skin face and neck..

Related Words

Cosmetic Surgery - Face Lift - Face Lifting - Facelift - Lift - Nip And Tuck - Rhytidectomy - Rhytidoplasty : چہرے کے داغ وغیرہ دور کرنے کے لئے سرجری کروانا : plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised. "Some actresses have more than one face lift"

Face Cloth - Flannel - Washcloth - Washrag : صافی : bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body. "Hand me washrag please"

Useful Words

Cream : کریم لگانا : put on cream, as on one`s face or body. "What cream are you putting on?"

Face - Human Face : چہرہ : the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear. "Have you seen your face?"

Lotion : لوشن : any of various cosmetic preparations that are applied to the skin.

Moisture - Wet : نمی : wetness caused by water. "Drops of wet gleamed on the window"

Cervix - Neck : گردن : the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body. "I will wring your neck"

Peel - Skin : چھلکا : the rind of a fruit or vegetable. "Remove the skin"

Exploited - Ill-Used - Put-Upon - Used - Victimised - Victimized : متاثرہ شخص : of persons; taken advantage of. "After going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used"

Which : کونسا : interrogatively. "Which matter?"

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