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1) Factor Iii, Thrombokinase, Thromboplastin : تھرومبو پلاسٹن : (noun) an enzyme liberated from blood platelets that converts prothrombin into thrombin as blood starts to clot.

Useful Words

A, Angstrom, Angstrom Unit : میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ : a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Blood, Profligate, Rake, Rakehell, Rip, Roue : لفنگا : a dissolute man in fashionable society. "You all are profligates".

Clot, Coagulum : نرم اور منجمد سیال : a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid. "Clot of blood in urine".

Convert : مذہب تبدیل کرنے والا شخص : a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief. "Most people in the UK and USA are converting to Islam".

Enzyme : خامرہ : any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions.

Blood Platelet, Platelet, Thrombocyte : خون کو گاڑھا رکھنے والا قدرتی مادہ : tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood; essential for blood clotting.

Begin, Commence, Get, Get Down, Set About, Set Out, Start, Start Out : ابتدا کرنا : take the first step or steps in carrying out an action. "Let`s get the dinner started".

Thrombin : خمیر خون : an enzyme that acts on fibrinogen in blood causing it to clot.

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