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1) Faculty Member, Academic, Academician : استاد, معلم : (noun) an educator who works at a college or university.

Related : Pedagogue : someone who educates young people. Professor : someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university.

Useful Words

Church Member, Churchgoer : وہ شخص جو گرجا میں عبادت کرنے کے لیے اکثر جاتا ہے : a religious person who goes to church regularly.

Clan Member, Clansman, Clanswoman : خاندان کا رکن : a member of a clan.

Committee Member : کمیٹی کا رکن : a member of a committee.

Council Member, Councillor : شوری کا کن : a member of a council.

Crew Member, Crewman : عملے کا رکن : a member of a flight crew.

Faculty, Mental Faculty, Module : ذہنی صلاحیت : one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind.

Fellow Member, Member : رکن : one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization). "Only members will be admitted".

Appendage, Extremity, Member : ہاتھ : an external body part that projects from the body. "It is important to keep the extremities warm".

Trade Unionist, Union Member, Unionist : مزدوروں کی انجمن قائم کرنے کا حامی : a worker who belongs to a trade union.

Prof, Professor : پروفیسر : someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university. "Prof is the abbreviation of professor".

Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Lowell : امریکی ماہر تعلیم : United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943).

Academic Costume : کالج کا لباس : a costume worn on formal occasions by the faculty or students of a university or college.

Head, Head Teacher, Principal, School Principal : پرنسپل : the educator who has executive authority for a school. "She sent unruly pupils to see the principal".

Hopkins, Mark Hopkins : امریکی معلم : United States educator and theologian (1802-1887).

College : کلیہ : the body of faculty and students of a college.

Horace Mann, Mann : امریکی معلم ہوریس : United States educator who introduced reforms that significantly altered the system of public education (1796-1859).

Maria Montesorri, Montessori : مونٹیسوری تعلیم کی اطالوی استاد : Italian educator who developed a method of teaching mentally handicapped children and advocated a child-centered approach (1870-1952). "Montessori teacher".

University : جامعہ : the body of faculty and students at a university. "She started to go in university".

Bursar : خزانچی : the treasurer at a college or university.

Academic Administrator : کالج کا منتظم : an administrator in a college or university.

Matriculate : کالج میں رکنیت دینا یا داخہ دینا : someone who has been admitted to a college or university.

Matric, Matriculation : کالج یا جامعہ میں داخلہ : admission to a group (especially a college or university).

College Student, University Student : جامعہ کا طالب : a student enrolled in a college or university.

Higher Education : اعلی تعلیم : education provided by a college or university. "He moved to USA for higher education".

Rusticate, Send Down : یونیورسٹی چھوڑ جانے پر مجبور کر دینا : suspend temporarily from college or university, in England. "He rusticated from college".

Co-Ed, College Girl : لڑکوں کے ساتھ پڑھنے والی طالبہ : a female student at a coeducational college or university. "She is college girl".

Education : تدریس : the profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or university).

Don, Preceptor : استاد : teacher at a university or college (Cambridge or Oxford). "Don of medical university".

Dean : تعلیمی ادارے کا صدر : an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college.

Doctor's Degree, Doctorate : ڈاکٹریٹ کی ڈگری جو جامعہ کی طرف سے دی گئی ہو : one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university.

Dorm, Dormitory, Hall, Residence Hall, Student Residence : کالج یونیورسٹی میں رہنے کا کمرہ : a college or university building containing living quarters for students. "It`s my dorm mate".

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