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1. Faintly : مدھم طور پر - کمزوری سے : (Adverb) To a faint degree or weakly perceived.

Between him and the dim light a form was outlined faintly.
Stars shining faintly through the overcast.+ More

Degree, Grade, Level - سطح - a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; "a moderate grade of intelligence".

Deliquium, Faint, Swoon, Syncope - بے ہوشی - a spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain.

Debile, Decrepit, Feeble, Infirm, Rickety, Sapless, Weak, Weakly - کمزور - lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality; "a feeble old woman".

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