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فخر سے دکھانا : Fakhar Se Dekhana Meaning in English

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1) فخر سے دکھانا بھرم کرانا : Boast Feature Sport : (verb) wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner.

Useful Words

ایسا کھیل جو تماشائیوں کے لیے ہو : Spectator Sport : a sport that many people find entertaining to watch.

کھیل : Athletics, Sport : an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.

وہ مچھلی جس کو ماہی گیر اپنی مہارت دکھانے کے لیے پکڑتے ہیں : Game Fish, Sport Fish : any fish providing sport for the angler.

ایک غیر رسمی قمیض : Polo Shirt, Sport Shirt : a shirt with short sleeves designed for comfort and casual wear.

کھلاڑیوں کا لباس : Activewear, Athletic Wear, Sportswear : attire worn for sport or for casual wear.

پرستار : Amateur : someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime. "An amateur of painting".

ضرورے سازو سامان : Appurtenance, Gear, Paraphernalia : equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc..

تیر اندازی : Archery : the sport of shooting arrows with a bow.

پنجہ لڑائی : Arm Wrestling : Arm wrestling is a sport with two participants, competing to pin the other`s arm onto the surface. "I was arm wrestling a man who was heavier than me".

بڑا شکار : Big Game : large animals that are hunted for sport.

کھیلوں کی بڑی لیگ : Big League, Major League, Majors : the most important league in any sport (especially baseball). "Major league started".

مکے باز : Boxer, Pugilist : someone who fights with his fists for sport.

مکے بازی کا دستانہ : Boxing Glove, Glove : boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing.

اونٹ کی دوڑ : Camel Racing : the sport of racing camels.

کپتان : Captain, Skipper : The captain of a side in a game or sport. "Something must be wrong if the skipper is worried".

مرغوں کی لڑائی : Cockfighting : participation in the sport of matching gamecocks in a cockfight. "We are going to see cockfighting".

سائیکل چلانا : Cycling : the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle.

کھیل میں مقابلہ کرنا : Encounter, Meet, Play, Take On : contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle. "Princeton plays Yale this weekend".

گھڑ سواری : Equitation, Horseback Riding, Riding : the sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements. "Horseback riding is my favorite sport".

بازوں کو شکار کی تربیت دینے والا : Falconer, Hawker : a person who breeds and trains hawks and who follows the sport of falconry.

تلواروں کا کھیل : Fencing : the art or sport of fighting with swords (especially the use of foils or epees or sabres to score points under a set of rules).

تلواروں کے کھیل میں استعمال ہونے والی تلوار : Fencing Sword : a sword used in the sport of fencing.

جانورں کا شکار کرنا : Game : animal hunted for food or sport.

گرین لنگ مچھلی : Hexagrammos Decagrammus, Kelp Greenling : common food and sport fish of western coast of North America.

گھڑ دوڑ : Horse Racing : the sport of racing horses. "Horse Racing is a worldwide sport and industry involving the racing of Thoroughbred horses".

شکار : Hunt, Hunting : the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport.

کراٹے : Judo : a sport adapted from jujitsu (using principles of not resisting) and similar to wrestling; developed in Japan.

انعام حاصل کرنا : Letter, Varsity Letter : an award earned by participation in a school sport. "He won letters in three sports".

اسکول کے کھیلوں میں انعام یا سند پانے والا : Letterman : an athlete who has earned a letter in a school sport.

ایک قسم کی سمندری مچھلی : Marlin : large long-jawed oceanic sport fishes; related to sailfishes and spearfishes; not completely cold-blooded i.e. able to warm their brains and eyes.

فٹ بال اور دوسرے کھیلوں کا ایک اصول : Offside : (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.).

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