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Far meaning in Urdu

Far Sentences


Far Definitions

1 of 7) Far : دور, دور دراز : (adjective) located at a great distance in time or space or degree.

He has gone far away.
We come from a far country.+ More

2 of 7) Far : بہت : (adverb) to a considerable degree; very much.

A far far better thing that I do.
Felt far worse than yesterday.+ More

3 of 7) Far : طویل : (satellite adjective) being of a considerable distance or length.

A far trek.

4 of 7) Far : طویل فاصلے پر : (adverb) at or to or from a great distance in space.

He traveled far.
Strayed far from home.+ More

5 of 7) Far : سیدھی طرف : (satellite adjective) being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.

The horse on the right is the far horse.
The right side is the far side of the horse.

6 of 7) Far : حد تک : (adverb) at or to a certain point or degree.

I can only go so far before I have to give up.
How far can we get with this kind of argument?

7 of 7) Far : بعید, بہت دور : (adverb) remote in time.

If we could see far into the future.
All that happened far in the past.

Useful Words

Right Smart : بہت , Ultimacy : آخریت , Away : دور , Beyond : آگے , First : پہلا , Extend : فراخ کرنا , Farthest : سب سے زیادہ دور , Close : قریب , 2d : دوسرا , Proximate : پاس پاس , Hair : کم وقت اور فاصلہ , Distant : دور , Clearance : خالی جگہ , Eagle-Eyed : دور سے دیکھنے کے قابل , Afar : دور تک , Scotland : اسکاٹ لینڈ , Widely : وسیع دائرے میں , Sorely : شدت سے , Considerably : بہت , A Good Deal : بہت , So : بہت , Immensely : لامحدود طور پر , Sharp : اچانک , Hour : تھوڑی دور , Speed : رفتار , Heavy : بھاری , Mightily : نہایت , Far-Off : دور , Apart : دور , First : کسی جگہ پہلا ہونا , Occupy : وقت لینا

Useful Words Definitions

Right Smart: to a great degree or by a great distance; very much (`right smart' is regional in the United States).

Ultimacy: the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance,.

Away: at a distance in space or time.

Beyond: farther along in space or time or degree.

First: preceding all others in time or space or degree.

Extend: stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point.

Farthest: to the greatest distance in space or time (`farthest' is used more often than `furthest' in this physical sense).

Close: not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances.

2d: coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude.

Proximate: closest in degree or order (space or time) especially in a chain of causes and effects.

Hair: a very small distance or space.

Distant: separated in space or coming from or going to a distance.

Clearance: the distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them.

Eagle-Eyed: capable of seeing to a great distance.

Afar: (old-fashioned) at or from or to a great distance; far.

Scotland: one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; located on the northern part of the island of Great Britain; famous for bagpipes and plaids and kilts.

Widely: to a great degree.

Sorely: to a great degree.

Considerably: to a great extent or degree.

A Good Deal: to a very great degree or extent.

So: to a very great extent or degree.

Immensely: to an exceedingly great extent or degree.

Sharp: very sudden and in great amount or degree.

Hour: distance measured by the time taken to cover it.

Speed: distance travelled per unit time.

Heavy: unusually great in degree or quantity or number.

Mightily: (Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree.

Far-Off: very far away in space or time.

Apart: separated or at a distance in place or position or time.

First: before another in time, space, or importance.

Occupy: require (time or space).

Related Words

Distant : بعید , Farther : دور , Farthermost : دور , Farther : سے آگے , Outlying : دور دراز

Close Words

By Far : بلا شبہ , Far Cry : توقع سے بہت کم , Far-Famed : معروف , Far-Flung : دور رس , Far-Out : غیر روایتی , Far-Right : رجعت پسند , Farandole : ایک رقص , Farce : مزاحیہ ڈرامہ , Farcical : مضحکہ خیز , Fare : سواری کا کرایہ , Farewell : رخصتی

Close Words Definitions

By Far: by a considerable margin.

Far Cry: a disappointing disparity.

Far-Famed: widely known and esteemed.

Far-Flung: distributed over a considerable extent.

Far-Out: informal terms; strikingly unconventional.

Far-Right: extremely conservative.

Farandole: a lively dance from Provence; all the dancers join hands and execute various figures.

Farce: a comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations.

Farcical: broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce.

Fare: the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.

Farewell: the act of departing politely.

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