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Faultlessness meaning in Urdu

Faultlessness Synonym

Faultlessness Definitions

1) Faultlessness, Impeccability : بے قصوری, بے گناہی : (noun) the quality of being without an error or fault.


Useful Words

Faultless : بے عیب , Gloss Over : چھپانا , Redress : تلافی کرنا , Infallibility : بے خطا , Hole : نقص , Redeeming : نقصان کا ازالہ , Impute : قصور وار ٹھہرانا , Complacent : مطمئن , Rebuker : سرزنش کرنے والا , Accusation : الزام , Blunder : حماقت کرنا , Wall Rock : دھاتی چٹانیں , Slip Up : غلطی ہونا یا کرنا , Inerrable : بے خطا , False : غلط , Errorless : بے خطا , Excuser : معاف کرنے والا , Common Scold : عیب تلاش کرنے والی , Bug : نقص , Antiseptic : غلطی سے پاک , Infallible : بے خطا , Forfeit : صدقہ , Critic : نقاد , Reclamation : اصلاح , Foolproof : غلطی سے پاک کرنا , Seducer : بہکانے والا , Criticise : نکتہ چینی کرنا , Correct : ٹھیک , Common Fault : خطائے کشش ثقل , Earthquake : زلزلہ , Decency : معقولیت

Useful Words Definitions

Faultless: without fault or error.

Gloss Over: cover up a misdemeanor, fault, or error.

Redress: act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil.

Infallibility: the quality of never making an error.

Hole: a fault.

Redeeming: compensating for some fault or defect.

Impute: attribute (responsibility or fault) to a cause or source.

Complacent: contented to a fault with oneself or one`s actions.

Rebuker: someone who finds fault or imputes blame.

Accusation: an assertion that someone is guilty of a fault or offence.

Blunder: commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake.

Wall Rock: a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault.

Slip Up: make an error.

Inerrable: not liable to error.

False: arising from error.

Errorless: free from error.

Excuser: a person who pardons or forgives or excuses a fault or offense.

Common Scold: someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault.

Bug: a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine.

Antiseptic: freeing from error or corruption.

Infallible: incapable of failure or error.

Forfeit: the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc..

Critic: someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments.

Reclamation: rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course.

Foolproof: proof against human misuse or error.

Seducer: a bad person who entices others into error or wrongdoing.

Criticise: find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.

Correct: free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth.

Common Fault: an inclined fault in which the hanging wall appears to have slipped downward relative to the footwall.

Earthquake: shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity.

Decency: the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable.

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