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Fee meaning in Urdu

Fee Sentence

Fee the steward.

Fee Synonyms


Fee Definitions

1 of 2) Fee : اجرت, معاوضہ : (noun) a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services.

2 of 2) Fee, Bung, Tip : معمولی سا انعام دینا, بخشش دینا, تھوڑی سی اضافی رقم دینا : (verb) give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on.

Useful Words

Interest : سود , Bibliothec : ناظم کتب خانہ , Professionalise : پیشہ ور بنانا , Stabile : ایک جگہ جم جانے والا , Prix Fixe : ہوٹل میں مقررہ قیمت کا طعام , Proton : پروٹون , Favor : فائدہ دینا , Bond : بانڈ , Suspension : معطلی , Forgoing : دستبرداری , Enfranchisement : حق دینے کا عمل , Make : مقرر کرنا , Gun : پیشہ ور قاتل , Gladiator : پیشہ ور , Professionally : پیشہ ورانہ , Coaching : تربیت , Chef : باورچی , Hoofer : رقص کرنے کا ماہر , Hatchet Man : کرائے کا قاتل , Inspect : سرکاری طور پر معائنہ کرنا , See : جانا , Layman : کم علم , John Cena : امریکی پہلوان , Amateur : اناڑی , Pedicure : پاوں کی دیکھ بال , Professionalism : پیشہ ورانہ خصوصیت , Academic Relation : استاد شاگرد کا تعلق , Affairs : کار سرکار , Lightweight : کم وزن کا باکسر , Manicure : ناخنوں اور ہاتہوں کی حفاظت کرنا , Career : روزگار

Useful Words Definitions

Interest: a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed.

Bibliothec: a professional person trained in library science and engaged in library services.

Professionalise: become professional or proceed in a professional manner or in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood.

Stabile: a sculpture having fixed units (usually constructed of sheet metal) and attached to a fixed support.

Prix Fixe: a menu listing fixed meals at fixed prices.

Proton: a stable particle with positive charge equal to the negative charge of an electron.

Favor: bestow a privilege upon.

Bond: a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal.

Suspension: a temporary debarment (from a privilege or position etc).

Forgoing: the act of renouncing; sacrificing or giving up or surrendering (a possession or right or title or privilege etc.).

Enfranchisement: a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote).

Make: charge with a function; charge to be.

Gun: a professional killer who uses a gun.

Gladiator: a professional boxer.

Professionally: in a professional manner.

Coaching: the job of a professional coach.

Chef: a professional cook.

Hoofer: a professional dancer.

Hatchet Man: a professional killer.

Inspect: come to see in an official or professional capacity.

See: go to see for professional or business reasons.

Layman: someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person.

John Cena: an American professional wrestler.

Amateur: lacking professional skill or expertise.

Pedicure: professional care for the feet and toenails.

Professionalism: the expertness characteristic of a professional person.

Academic Relation: a professional relation between instructors and those they instruct.

Affairs: transactions of professional or public interest.

Lightweight: a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds.

Manicure: professional care for the hands and fingernails.

Career: the general progression of your working or professional life.

Related Words

Fixed Charge : مقررہ خرچ , Commission : دلالی کا معاوضہ , Admission : داخلے کی فیس , Gift : تحفہ دینا

Close Words

Fee-Tail : مخصوص ورثا کو جائیداد دینا , Feeble : مدھم , Feebleminded : پسماندہ , Feebleness : کمزوری , Feed : خوراک دینا , Feed Back : رائے دینا , Feed Bunk : مویشیوں کے چارے والا کونڈا , Feed On : گزارا کرنا , Feeder : کھانے والا , Feeding : کھانے کا عمل , Feeding Chair : بچے کی کرسی

Close Words Definitions

Fee-Tail: limit the inheritance of property to a specific class of heirs.

Feeble: lacking strength or vigor.

Feebleminded: retarded in intellectual development.

Feebleness: the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age).

Feed: give food to.

Feed Back: respond to a query or outcome.

Feed Bunk: a long trough for feeding cattle.

Feed On: be sustained by.

Feeder: someone who consumes food for nourishment.

Feeding: the act of consuming food.

Feeding Chair: a chair for feeding a very young child; has four long legs and a footrest and a detachable tray.