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1) Fella, Blighter, Bloke, Chap, Cuss, Feller, Fellow, Gent, Lad : بندھا, لڑکا, آدمی : (noun) a boy or man.

Related : Male Person : informal term for a man.

Useful Words

Sperm, Sperm Cell, Spermatozoan, Spermatozoon : نطفہ : the male reproductive cell; the male gamete. "A sperm is mostly a nucleus surrounded by little other cellular material".

Hart, Stag : بارہ سنگھا : a male deer, especially an adult male red deer. "Stag found in Africa".

Tom, Tomcat : نر بلی : male cat.

Bondman, Bondsman : غلام : a male slave.

Gobbler, Tom, Tom Turkey, Turkey Cock : نر شترمرغ : male turkey. "He roasted a tom turkey".

Blood Brother, Brother : بھائی : a male with the same parents as someone else. "Ali is my brother".

Baritone, Barytone : گانے والا : a male singer.

Boar : نر سور : an uncastrated male hog.

Grandson : نواسا : a male grandchild.

Billy, Billy Goat, He-Goat : بکرا : male goat. "I have a billy goat".

Kinsman : مرد عزیز : a male relative. "She is going to marry with her near kinsman".

Jack, Jackass : نر گدھا : male donkey.

Spokesman : ترجمان : a male spokesperson.

Gelding : خصی گہوڑا : castrated male horse.

Capon : خصی مرغا : castrated male chicken.

Songster : گانا گانے والا : a male person who sings.

Boy, Male Child : بچہ : a youthful male person. "Miss, don`t be hard on boy".

Cock, Rooster : مرغا : adult male chicken. "Be a rooster".

Boy, Son : لڑکا : a male human offspring. "That one is my son".

Brocket : سرخ ہرن دو سالہ : male red deer in its second year.

Impotent : نامرد : (of a male) unable to copulate. "He is afraid to get married because he knows he is impotent".

Colt : جوان گہوڑا : a young male horse under the age of four. "This horse is colt".

Old Boy : سابقہ طالب علم : a former male pupil of a school.

Shaver : شیو کرنے کے لائق : an adult male who shaves.

Lapin : نر خرگوش : castrated male rabbit. "Lapin is being sold in animal market".

Gander : ہنس : mature male goose.

Warlock : ساحر : a male witch or demon.

Emperor : شہنشاہ : the male ruler of an empire. "A tyrant emperor".

Pricket : نر ہرن : male deer in his second year.

Wether : خصی بکرا : male sheep especially a castrated one.

Romeo : عاشق : an ardent male lover.

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