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1 of 4) Fence, Fencing : جنگلا, باڑ, چار دیواری : (noun) a barrier that serves to enclose an area.

3 of 4) Fence, Fence In, Palisade, Surround, Wall : چار دیواری : (verb) surround with a wall in order to fortify.

4 of 4) Fence, Argue, Contend, Debate : بحث کرنا : (verb) have an argument about something.

Useful Words

Gate : پھاٹک , Paling : لکڑی کے ڈنڈوں کی باڑ , Pale : کھونٹا , Hedge : جھاڑیوں کی باڑ , Weir : بند جو مچھلیاں پکڑنے کے لئے باندھا جاتا ہے , Wattle : شاخوں سے بنی رکاوٹ , Stockade : باڑ , Shelterbelt : ہوا روکنے کے لئے درختوں کی باڑ , Wall : دیوار , Canopy : شامیانہ , Police Headquarters : کسی مرکز یا صدر مقام کے طور پر کام آنے والی عمارت , Backsword : ایک قسم کی چھڑی یا ڈنڈا , Fencing Sword : تلواروں کے کھیل میں استعمال ہونے والی تلوار , Armguard : بازوبند , Saber : خمدار تلوار , Capsulate : کیپسول میں بند کرنا , Wall In : دیوار کے ساتھ کرنا , Box In : بند کرنا , Corral : باڑ بند کرنا , Case : پھنسے ہونا , Sheathe : نیام میں ڈالنا , Bower : درختوں کی کنج میں رہنا , Bandage : لپیٹنا , Fishing Net : مچھلی پکڑنے کا جال , Break Through : رکاوٹ عبور کرنا , Divide : الگ کرنا , Revetment : رکاوٹ , Hedge : باڑ لگانا , Enclose : ہر طرف سے بند کر نا , Embank : بند باندھنا , Curtain : روکاوٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Gate: a movable barrier in a fence or wall.

Paling: a fence made of upright pickets.

Pale: a wooden strip forming part of a fence.

Hedge: a fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes.

Weir: a fence or wattle built across a stream to catch or retain fish.

Wattle: framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence.

Stockade: fortification consisting of a fence made of a line of stout posts set firmly for defense.

Shelterbelt: hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion.

Wall: an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.

Canopy: a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather.

Police Headquarters: a station that serves as headquarters for police in a particular district; serves as a place from which policemen are dispatched and to which arrested persons are brought.

Backsword: a stick used instead of a sword for fencing.

Fencing Sword: a sword used in the sport of fencing.

Armguard: a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports.

Saber: a fencing sword with a v-shaped blade and a slightly curved handle.

Capsulate: enclose in a capsule.

Wall In: enclose with a wall.

Box In: enclose or confine as if in a box.

Corral: enclose in a corral.

Case: enclose in, or as if in, a case.

Sheathe: enclose with a sheath.

Bower: enclose in a bower.

Bandage: wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose.

Fishing Net: a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in.

Break Through: pass through (a barrier).

Divide: act as a barrier between; stand between.

Revetment: a barrier against explosives.

Hedge: enclose or bound in with or as it with a hedge or hedges.

Enclose: enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering.

Embank: enclose with banks, as for support or protection.

Curtain: any barrier to communication or vision.

Related Words

Barrier : باڑ , Colloquialism : عام بول چال , Bargainer : سوداگر , Stickle : چھوٹی سی بات پر ضد کرنا , Spar : منہ ماری کرنا , Bicker : چھوٹی باتوں پر جھگڑنا , Altercate : بحث کرنا , Oppose : مخالفت کرنا , Differ : مختلف ہونا , Converse : گفتگو کرنا , Protect : محفوظ رکھنا , Circumvallate : حصار بنانا

Close Words

Fence Rail : کھپچی باڑ

Close Words Definitions

Fence Rail: a rail that is split from a log.

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