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Finance meaning in Urdu

Finance Sentences

Samreen liked a gold ring in a shopping mall but couldn`t buy it due to lack of finance.
Can we finance the addition to our home.

Finance Definitions

1 of 4) Finance : مالیات : (noun) the commercial activity of providing funds and capital.


2 of 4) Finance : کسی کام کے لئےرقم دینا : (verb) obtain or provide money for.

3 of 4) Finance : مالیات : (noun) the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets.

4 of 4) Finance : مالی معاملات چلانا : (noun) the management of money and credit and banking and investments.

Useful Words

Bankroll : اخراجات برداشت کرنا , Accumulation : منافع , War Chest : جنگی سرمایہ , Gross Profit : نفع , Yahoo : انٹرنیٹ سرچ انجن , Wall St. : نیویارک شہر میں واقع ایک گلی , Cooke : امریکی سرمایہ کار , Order : فرمائش , Provision : فراہمی , Support : سہارا دینا , Business Activity : تجارتی سرگرمی , Market : منڈی , Importation : تجارتی سامان درآمد کرنے کا عمل , Monopolistic : اجارہ داری یا اس کے متعلق , Atlanta : ایٹلانٹا , Capital Of Finland : فنلینڈ کا دارلحکومت , Capitalise : سرمایہ لگانا , 401-K : چار سو ایک بیمہ , Recreation : تازگی , Capital Of Pakistan : پاکستاں کا دارالخلافہ , Communicating : رابطہ , Active : متحرک , Broke : کنگال , Unfunded : بغیر سرماۓ کے , Public Treasury : سرکاری خزانہ , Beneficiary : احسان مند , Expendable : بعد از ٹیکس , Borrowing : ادھار , Exchequer : محکمہ خزانہ , Oblation : قربانی , Nonexempt : محصول پذیر

Useful Words Definitions

Bankroll: provide with sufficient funds; finance.

Accumulation: (finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation.

War Chest: a fund accumulated to finance a war (or a political campaign).

Gross Profit: (finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold.

Yahoo: a widely used search engine for the web that finds information, news, images, products, finance.

Wall St.: a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance.

Cooke: United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905).

Order: a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities.

Provision: the activity of supplying or providing something.

Support: the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities.

Business Activity: activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise.

Market: the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold.

Importation: the commercial activity of buying and bringing in goods from a foreign country.

Monopolistic: having exclusive control over a commercial activity by possession or legal grant.

Atlanta: state capital and largest city of Georgia; chief commercial center of the southeastern United States; was plundered and burned by Sherman`s army during the American Civil War.

Capital Of Finland: the capital and largest city of Finland; located in southern Finland; a major port and commercial and cultural center.

Capitalise: supply with capital, as of a business by using a combination of capital used by investors and debt capital provided by lenders.

401-K: a retirement savings plan that is funded by employee contributions and (often) matching contributions from the employer; contributions are made from your salary before taxes and the funds grow tax-free until they are withdrawn, at which point they can be converted into an IRA; funds can be transferred if you change employers and you can (to some extent) manage the investments yourself.

Recreation: activity that refreshes and recreates; activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation.

Capital Of Pakistan: Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, located in the northern region on a plateau; its selection as the capital was made in 1959.

Communicating: the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information.

Active: full of activity or engaged in continuous activity.

Broke: lacking funds.

Unfunded: not furnished with funds.

Public Treasury: a treasury for government funds.

Beneficiary: the recipient of funds or other benefits.

Expendable: (used of funds) remaining after taxes.

Borrowing: obtaining funds from a lender.

Exchequer: the funds of a government or institution or individual.

Oblation: the act of contributing to the funds of a church or charity.

Nonexempt: (of goods or funds) subject to taxation.

Related Words

Corporate Finance : مالیاتی تجارت , Financing : سرمایہ کاری , High Finance : بڑی اور پیچیدہ لین دین , Investing : سرمایہ کاری , Banking : بینکنگ کا پیشہ , Direction : نگرانی , Economic Science : معاشیات , Refinance : دوبارہ قرضہ دینا , Pay : سزا بھگتنا

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