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Firebomb meaning in Urdu

Firebomb Sentence

There was a firebomb.

Firebomb Synonyms

Firebomb Definitions

1) Firebomb, Incendiary, Incendiary Bomb : بم : (noun) a bomb that is designed to start fires; is most effective against flammable targets (such as fuel).


Useful Words

Anti-Personnel Bomb : ایک قسم کا بم , Activation : چلانے کا عمل , Aerosol Bomb : ہوائی بم , Chemical Bomb : گیس بم , Stench Bomb : ایک چھوٹا بم , Coal Oil : مٹی کا تیل , Igniter : جلانے والا آلہ , Balloon Bomb : غبارے والا بم , Infernal Machine : دھماکہ کرنے والا آلہ , Cruise Missile : کروز میزائل , Air-To-Ground : ہوا سے زمین پر , Neutron Bomb : نیوٹرون بم؛ شدید ایٹم بم , Grenade : دستی بم , Crater : دھماکے سے پڑنے والا گڑھا , Car Bomb : گاڑی میں رکھا گیا بم , Gas : بینزین , Mushroom : دہوئیں کا بادل , Hiroshima : ہیروشیما , Missile : میزائل , Shooting Gallery : نشانہ بازی کی مشق کرنے کے لیے بنائی گئی جگہ , Heat-Seeking Missile : حرارت کا پیچھا کرنے والا میزائیل , Blow Out : بجھانا , Cyclopropane : آتش گیر گیس , Hazard Insurance : خطرے کا انشورنس , Acetylene : آتش گیر گیس , Stirrup Pump : ایک قسم کا پمپ , Fireman : فائر مین , Asphyxiator : آگ بجھانے والا آلہ , Torch : مشعل , Hexane : ہیکسین ایندھن , Incendiary : آتش گیر

Useful Words Definitions

Anti-Personnel Bomb: a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles.

Activation: making active and effective (as a bomb).

Aerosol Bomb: a bomb that uses a fuel-air explosive.

Chemical Bomb: a bomb laden with chemical agents that are released when the bomb explodes.

Stench Bomb: a small bomb designed to give off a foul odor when it explodes.

Coal Oil: a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters.

Igniter: a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires.

Balloon Bomb: a bomb carried by a balloon.

Infernal Machine: a bomb that has a detonating mechanism that can be set to go off at a particular time.

Cruise Missile: an unmanned aircraft that is a self-contained bomb.

Air-To-Ground: operating from or designed to be fired from aircraft at targets on the ground.

Neutron Bomb: atom bomb that produces lethal neutrons with less blast.

Grenade: a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile.

Crater: a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb.

Car Bomb: a bomb placed in a car and wired to explode when the ignition is started or by remote control or by a timing device.

Gas: a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines.

Mushroom: a large cloud of rubble and dust shaped like a mushroom and rising into the sky after an explosion (especially of a nuclear bomb).

Hiroshima: a port city on the southwestern coast of Honshu in Japan; on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed by the first atomic bomb dropped on a populated area.

Missile: a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled.

Shooting Gallery: an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice.

Heat-Seeking Missile: a missile with a guidance system that directs it toward targets emitting infrared radiation (as the emissions of a jet engine).

Blow Out: put out, as of fires, flames, or lights.

Cyclopropane: a colorless flammable gas sometimes used as an inhalation anesthetic.

Hazard Insurance: insurance that provides protection against certain risks such as storms or fires.

Acetylene: a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis.

Stirrup Pump: a hand-operated reciprocating pump; used in fighting fires.

Fireman: a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship).

Asphyxiator: a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires.

Torch: a light usually carried in the hand; consists of some flammable substance.

Hexane: a colorless flammable liquid alkane derived from petroleum and used as a solvent.

Incendiary: capable of catching fire spontaneously or causing fires or burning readily.

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Bomb : بم

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