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Fireplace meaning in Urdu

Fireplace Sentence

The fireplace was so large you could walk inside it.

Fireplace Synonyms

Fireplace Definitions

1) Fireplace, Hearth, Open Fireplace : آتش دان : (noun) an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built.


Useful Words

Spark Arrester : چنگاری چھوڑنے والا , Andiron : لوہے کی سلاخ , Hearthrug : آتش دان کی چادر , Hob : چولہے کا جنگلہ , Hoecake : بیلچے پر پکا کیک , Compound Fracture : وہ فریکچر جس میں ہڈی ٹوٹ کر گوشت سے باہر آجاتی ہے , Window : کھڑکی , Chimney : چمنی , Open : کہولنا , Dissect : چیر نا , Openly : صاف صاف , Anastomose : جڑنا , Break Out : زخم کا پھوٹ پڑنا , Open : کھلنا , Up : کھلا , Hospitable : کھلے دماغ والا , Wide-Open : پورا کھلا ہوا , Gape : کھلا ہونا , Kick Down : لات مارکے کہولنا , Unlock : تالا کہولنا , Ajar : آدھ کھلا , Unfold : نظر میں لانا , Avowedly : کھلم کھلا , Splay : پھیلانا , Warm Up : دوستانہ ہونا , Reopen : پھر سے کہولنا , Break Open : توڑ کر کہولنا , Agape : منہ کھلا , Arguable : قابل بحث , Click Open : کہولنا , Lacy : جال کی مانند

Useful Words Definitions

Spark Arrester: a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack.

Andiron: metal supports for logs in a fireplace.

Hearthrug: a rug spread out in front of a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor.

Hob: a shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm.

Hoecake: thin usually unleavened johnnycake made of cornmeal; originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire (southern).

Compound Fracture: A "compound fracture" occurs when a broken bone penetrates the skin, resulting in an open wound. This condition is also referred to as an open fracture..

Window: a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air.

Chimney: a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building.

Open: cause to open or to become open.

Dissect: cut open or cut apart.

Openly: in an open way.

Anastomose: come together or open into each other.

Break Out: become raw or open.

Open: become open.

Up: open.

Hospitable: having an open mind.

Wide-Open: open wide.

Gape: be wide open.

Kick Down: open violently.

Unlock: open the lock of.

Ajar: slightly open.

Unfold: open to the view.

Avowedly: by open declaration.

Splay: spread open or apart.

Warm Up: become more friendly or open.

Reopen: open again or anew.

Break Open: open with force.

Agape: with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe.

Arguable: open to argument or debate.

Click Open: open with a clicking sound.

Lacy: having open interstices or resembling a web.

Related Words

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