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فرقہ : Firqa Meaning in English

Firqa Synonyms


Firqa in Detail

1 of 4) گروہ فرقہ مکتب فکر : Religious Order Religious Sect Sect : (noun) a subdivision of a larger religious group.

2 of 4) فرقہ : Denomination : (noun) a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith.

3 of 4) فرقہ : Faction Sect : (noun) a dissenting clique.

4 of 4) فرقہ : Cult : (noun) a religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, or false.

Useful Words

اجتماع : Congregation : a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church. "He was talking about congregation".

خاص : Distinctive : of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing. "Distinctive features of Iphone".

یقین : Faith : a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. "He has no faith".

گروہ : Group : any number of entities (members) considered as a unit.

یہ : It : Used of a nonhuman entity. "It is out of the question".

زیادہ بڑا : Bigger : large or big relative to something else. "This one is bigger".

تنظیم : Organisation : a group of people who work together. "I had an organization".

مالک ہونا : Have : have ownership or possession of. "He owns three houses in Florida".

تقسیم در تقسیم کرنے کا عمل : Subdivision : the act of subdividing; division of something previously divided.

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