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First   Meaning in Urdu

1. First - First Of All - First Off - Firstly - Foremost : سب سے پہلے : (adverb) before anything else.

I felt it for the first time.
I have met you first time.+ More

2. First - Number One : پہلا : (noun) the first or highest in an ordering or series.

He wanted to be the first.

Former - the first of two or the first mentioned of two.

3. First : پہلا - شروع ہونا : (adjective) preceding all others in time or space or degree.

The first house on the right.
The first day of spring.+ More

Early - at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time.

4. First - Beginning - Commencement - Get-Go - Kickoff - Offset - Outset - Showtime - Start - Starting Time : ابتدا - ابتداء : (noun) the time at which something is supposed to begin.

Birth - the time when something begins (especially life).

5. First : کسی جگہ پہلا ہونا : (adverb) before another in time, space, or importance.

I was here first.
Let's do this job first.

6. First - Beginning : ابتدائی : serving to begin.

The first verse.

Opening - first or beginning.

7. First - Foremost - World-Class : سب سے اوپر : ranking above all others.

Was first in her class.

Best - (superlative of `good') having the most positive qualities.

Useful Words

Before - Earlier : پہلے : earlier in time; previously. "I have never seen you before"

Else : ورنہ : If not; otherwise. "What else?"

First - First Of All - First Off - Firstly - Foremost : سب سے پہلے : before anything else. "I felt it for the first time"

Order - Ordering : ترتیب : the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement. "There were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list"

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