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Fishing Rod meaning in Urdu

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Fishing Rod Definitions

1) Fishing Rod, Fishing Pole : مچھلی پکڑنے کی چھڑی : (noun) a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line.


Useful Words

Hand Line : مچھلی پکڑنے کے لئے ہاتھ سے بنائی جانے والی مچھلیوں کی قطار , Cast : پھینکنا , Setline : کانٹوں والا بڑا جال , Hip Boot : اونچا جوتا , Piscatorial : مچھلیاں پکڑنے یا ماہی گیری کے متعلق , Whaler : وھیل شکار کرنے کا جہاز , Jacklight : رات کے وقت مچھلی کے شکار کے لیے روشنی استعمال کرنا , Spinning Rod : مچھلی کے شکار والی ڈنڈی , Lugger : چھوٹی کشتی , Dragger : دام کشتی , Woodcraft : جنگل کا تجربہ , Do Darya : دو دریا , Trammel : جال , Pile : بہت سی نوک دار بلیوں سے ایک تعمیر یا ساخت , File : ریتی , Splenius : گردن کے قریب ایک چوڑا چپٹا پٹھا , Hawaiian Guitar : سٹیل گٹار , Veneer : پلائی وڈ , Kink : الجھاو , Yew : درخت صنوبر , Cycloid : گول , Bottom Line : حساب کتاب میں نفع نقصان ظاہر کرنے والی آخری لکیر , Branch Line : ریل پٹڑی کی چھوٹی سی شاخ , Exsert : باہر نکالنا , Carry : بڑھنا , Jut : آگے کو نکالنا , Stretch : انگڑائی لینا , Go Deep : اہمیت اور وسعت بڑھانا , Unipolar : واحد قطبہ , Go : تک جانا , Border : گھرا ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Hand Line: a fishing line managed principally by hand.

Cast: the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel.

Setline: a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it (usually suspended between buoys).

Hip Boot: a very high boot; used especially for fishing.

Piscatorial: relating to or characteristic of the activity of fishing.

Whaler: a ship engaged in whale fishing.

Jacklight: a light used as a lure in hunting or fishing at night.

Spinning Rod: a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lure.

Lugger: small fishing boat rigged with one or more lugsails.

Dragger: a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish.

Woodcraft: skill and experience in matters relating to the woods (as hunting or fishing or camping).

Do Darya: a very famous beach in Karachi and fishing point, Kolachi and other restaurants are also located at this place.

Trammel: a fishing net with three layers; the outer two are coarse mesh and the loose inner layer is fine mesh.

Pile: a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure.

File: a steel hand tool with small sharp teeth on some or all of its surfaces; used for smoothing wood or metal.

Splenius: either of two flat muscles that extend from the upper vertebrae to the base of the skull and serve to rotate or flex or extend the head and neck.

Hawaiian Guitar: guitar whose steel strings are twanged while being pressed with a movable steel bar for a glissando effect.

Veneer: coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood.

Kink: a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight.

Yew: wood of a yew; especially the durable fine-grained light brown or red wood of the English yew valued for cabinetwork and archery bows.

Cycloid: a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line.

Bottom Line: the last line in an audit; the line that shows profit or loss.

Branch Line: a railway line connected to a trunk line.

Exsert: thrust or extend out.

Carry: continue or extend.

Jut: extend out or project in space.

Stretch: extend one`s body or limbs.

Go Deep: extend in importance or range.

Unipolar: having a single pole.

Go: lead, extend, or afford access.

Border: extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle.

Related Words

Rod : عصا

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